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MMR Balmung Twelve Precision New Generation Moving Iron Unit Headphones

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  • Design inspired by the mythical weapon Azure Balmungg」
  • Matte gun-grey chassis in aluminum-like
  • Ergonomically more comfortable and durable
  • High-level detail reproduction Highly accurate bass response Restores the musical overtones and timbre of the track音色
  • 4 Treble 4 Medium High 2 Medium (Vented Technology) 2 Low (Vented Technology)技術)
  • RLC filter circuit
  • Dedicated Acoustic Chamber Balmung Acoustics Chamber (BMAC) Correction and Compensation Phase位
  • Asymmetrical TriBore Waveguide
  • Hand Braided Eletech Exclusive 26 AWG UP-OCC Silver Plated Copper Headphone Cable

Detailed Specifications Unit Design 12 Precision New Generation Moving Iron Unit Structure 4 x Treble + 4 x Mid Treble + 2 x Midrange (Vented Technology) + 2 x Bass (Vented Technology) Frequency Division) Frequency Response 18Hz - 48KHz Impedance 13Ω Noise Reduction 18dB降噪:18dB