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Meze Audio Elite Hybrid Flat-Unit Headphones

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The Best - MEZE AUDIO ELITE Flagship Headphones
The word Elite in English contains the meaning of elite, outstanding, outstanding, etc. However, if it is replaced by MEZE AUDIO's new flagship headset E L I T E, it may be explained that the essence is more appropriate. The excellent design of the previous generation Empyrean is replaced by a new generation of MZ3SE dual-drive unit system enhanced polymer. The shell supports the high-dynamic hybrid array, double magnets, and the newly designed large-scale RINARO PARUS flat diaphragm. The sound and other details have also been adjusted to a certain extent, and the fine production process has been implemented to usher in the birth of a new generation of flagship ELITE.來新一代旗艦 ELITE 的誕生。 

In 2018, Meze Audio's flagship headset Empyrean was launched. Whether it is the careful layout from the inside to the outside, or the MZ3 system, which is the world's first hybrid structure flat panel unit, it represents a peak work. This year, I will continue to find the Rinaro team who have cooperated closely. Next City launches a new work that has the ultimate performance from the inside out. ELITE creates a new standard that marks the combination of technology and acoustic engineering and represents a top-of-the-line headphone.級頭戴式耳機的新標準。

feature of product
Antonio Meze, founder and chief designer of Meze Audio, said that during the development of ELITE, we have overcome all the barriers of earphone design and craftsmanship and reached a new level of artistic elegance. Together with the pace of successful cooperation with the Rinaro Isodynamics team in the past. To meet our expectations and create earphones that belong to this era, ELITE is not a mass-produced product, but a magical thing inspired by craftsmanship and miracles. At the same time, it also represents the values of our choice. The result of shortcuts不走任何捷徑之下得來的成果。

After 3 years of research and development
Isodynamic Hybrid Array Driver and other dynamic hybrid array flat panel units are the core of ELITE. The patented technology developed by the Rinaro team with MEZE for 3 years is also one of the most advanced flat diaphragm technologies today. It has less than 0.05% (THD) total Harmonic distortion rate up to 112,000 Hz super high-pitched performance and 101dB@1mw/1kHz 32Ω impedance can easily sound even without the help of an amplifier依然可以輕易發聲。 

New isodynamic hybrid array drive architecture
As the core part of ELITE, the MZ3SE unit structure is based on the flagship MZ3 unit structure in Empyrean earphones. It is developed through innovative Isodynamic Hybrid Array Technology and other dynamic hybrid array technologies. Its structural design and the production of the diaphragm have opened up a high level for music lovers. door to sound質的大門。

Re-sublimation of technology
The MZ3SE unit structure is divided into several parts. The middle position is the patented Rinaro Parus diaphragm that weighs only 0.11g and has an effective area of 4650mm. The two symmetrically sandwiched front and rear of the diaphragm can generate a dynamic magnetic field such as 0.35 Tesla Tesla. Hybrid Neodymium Array The magnet drives the diaphragm to sound and the outermost shell is made of reinforced polymer to withstand the 12,7N load generated by the magnet的 12,7N 負載。 

RINARO PARUS diaphragm膜
The Rinaro team used years of development experience and technology to create a diaphragm for ELITE that sets a new standard for acoustics. The Rinaro Parus is an innovative lightweight diaphragm constructed on an ultra-thin biaxially oriented semi-crystalline polymer film that benefits from polymer processing technology Advances are enabled by processes involving transverse stretching of polymers at high temperatures, sequential biaxial elongation technology to improve the structure and performance of the coils, combined with the signature isokinetic hybrid array driver technology, sound waves can be more accurately targeted around the shape of the ear to produce natural Sound transparency and wide, clear soundstage音透明度和寬廣、清晰的聲場。

Dual Coil System Advantages
The two-axis dual-coil array design on the Rinaro Parus diaphragm not only creates a balanced frequency response across the entire diaphragm range, but also solves the common problem of traditional flat-panel units, which is that the reflected signal enters the ear canal with different time delays. Affects audio and video focus This design also improves the coherence of different frequency bands同頻段的連貫感。

reduce time delay
The upper serpentine coil of the diaphragm is mainly used for the low frequency part and the lower spiral coil side is responsible for the mid and high frequencies. Because of the position above the ear canal, the sound directly enters the ear without any time delay, which improves the high frequency quality especially for high frequencies of 10kHz. The sound wave length is shorter than the inner cavity of the ear pad. The sound field spreads through the ear canal with a large number of direct and reflected sound waves. sense and spatial orientation音的立體感和空間定位。

It is worth mentioning that each unit manufactured by Rinaro Isodynamics is tested and played for over 100 hours in Ukraine before being delivered to MEZE for the final assembly of the headphones, so each pair of ELITEs are ready to listen directly when they open the box直接聆聽。 

Isomagnetic earmuff-to-earmuff coupling technology
The new Isomagnetic ear pad system specially developed for ELITE this time uses the magnetic field generated by the unit to be fixed in a specific position through the ear pad, and the patented ferromagnetic plate guides the magnetic field back to the unit to improve efficiency and increase output by 12%. About 1dB can reduce the stray magnetic field affecting the listener by 95%場降低 95%。

Calibrate your voice
Just like Empyrean, ELITE comes with two unique pairs of ear pads including 30mm thick ALCANTARA ear pads developed with Empyrean earphones and the other is a new hybrid ear pad specially designed for ELITE. Made of genuine leather, the best elements of the two materials are combined in the same design and the thickness has been changed to 25mm. Everything is based on material and acoustic considerations.因應物料及聲學考慮。 

Aesthetics designed for long listening
Although it looks like a very large headphone, the fact is that the overall weight is only 430g. The carbon fiber headband and leather headrest are used to distribute the pressure and the suspension support system with the ergonomic design. The sides extend downward to distribute the weight of the earphones evenly in different positions on the head for the most comfortable listening experience最舒適的聆聽體驗。

Design full of life
MEZE AUDIO's core belief is to create products that can withstand years of changes and bring more lasting value. ELITE is no exception, from the appearance to every bit of opportunity, showing their pursuit of sound and flexibility of technology The use and even the aesthetic touch show the persistence of the design for life. Even if it is simply connected to a portable player or a large Hi-End sound system, you can easily enjoy the unhurried treble, gentle and delicate vocals and continuous low frequency. must fall in love斷的低頻,只要戴上,一定愛上。 


Driver Type

Rinaro Isodynamic Hybrid Array
Operating Principle
Ear Coupling
Frequency Response
3 - 112,000 Hz
Nominal SPL
101 dB (1 mW / 1 kHz)
Maximum SPL
> 130 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
< 0.05%
~ 430 g



Geometrical Shape
102mm x 73mm
Fiberglass reinforced polymer
Rinaro Parus [MZ3SE]
Active Area
0.011 g
Acoustic Mass
7.5 kg/m
Lower Frequency Limit
3 Hz
Upper-Frequency Limit
112.000 Hz