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Metalure Wave Pure Dynamic Headphones

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Metalure originated in New York. The developers are mainly from NuForce's former sound design team. They hope to combine the distinctive fashion craftsmanship with the continuous improvement of acoustic design to inject natural, elegant and beautiful elements into the product.
Metalure's first earphone"WAVE", also known as"Golden Magic Circle", the golden shell is a blockbuster. It is made of high-hardness brass, and carefully polished into a sparkling mirror. Conduit to enhance sound play.
As for the sound, WAVE uses a 10mm moving coil unit. The main material of the original NOMAX diaphragm is liquid silicone, and the surface is coated with a polymer coating to make the diaphragm tougher. The team has rich experience in tuning, and the low frequency has a strong ring. The taste, the vocals are still crisp, and the words are unprecedented on the market!