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MADOO Typ711 Hybrid Headphones

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Watch-grade craftsmanship x iconic sound MADOO Typ711 Hybrid Headphones機

2021 can be said to be the 40th year that Japanese earphone products have entered the world market. Japanese earphones have always had a great influence on the industry, so this is an important milestone. The same year is also the year when MADOO, a new Japanese professional earphone brand, was established. The brand has been engaged in The founding concept of Japanese engineers of high-end earphone OEM/ODM is precisely the promotion and development of the Japanese industry to the market and the development of a product that can still be representative and competitive just like a mechanical camera or watch in the next 10 years. The first work of the product, Typ711, will be launched simultaneously in Japan and Hong Kong in the year 2022在日本及香港同步推出。


Typ711 is created by a team full of experience and passion for music, under the premise of new unit, new material and new design Research and development plus countless tuning arrangements and repeated tests are finally combined with 3 flat plates + 2 moving iron units, and then the metal case processed by the Swiss luxury watch series and the self-developed MIAA acoustic structure is designed from the inside. Extraordinary Flat + Moving Iron Hybrid Headphones不平凡的平板 + 動鐵混合式耳機。




Superb metal processing

Many people's first impression of Typ711 should be a headphone full of details and metallic feeling, but it is full of details inside and outside of this high-rigidity case because these subtle elements definitely affect whether the unit can be maximized. The potential of the earphone shell is handled by a team of engineers with rich metal processing experience. They have all worked for Swiss and Japanese luxury watch brands and German car companies to develop tools and related production.刀具及相關生產等工作。


Sapphire crystal panel

The shell is made of original SUS stainless steel through high-precision CNC cutting. The surface is then sandblasted to improve the hardness of the shell. It is worth noting that the headphone baffle is made by Adamant Namiki, a company that has been producing luxury watches and high-end audio accessories. This sapphire crystal panel produced by Precision has the ability to control the exhaust air pressure and control the pressure on the back. It has a rigidity that neither glass nor plastic can achieve. Everything is so that the flat plate and moving iron unit in the headset can reach their full potential and provide clear bass performance.及提供清晰的低音表現。


300 earmold data

Although the outer lines seem to be very tough at first, they have a very good wearing feeling because MADOO used the earmold data of more than 300 Asian men collected in Japan, Hong Kong, China and South Korea to analyze and study the most suitable for most users. The ear shape brings a very comfortable listening experience for Typ711 users舒適的聆聽體驗。



MIAA Acoustic Structure

In addition to the unusual earphone shell, the unique MIAAMADOO In-ear Acoustic Architecture of Typ711 The shell structure and precise control make the earphones obtain the maximum reliability and play the same unit box design as the circuit diagram. The design team specially combined all the units A component manufactured by 3D printing has a very precise design and the structure also takes into account the various effects and deficiencies on the sound caused by the extrusion caused by excessive softness and bending when many multi-unit earphones use resin to make pipes. and other issues to develop an exclusive acoustic structure從而開發出專屬的聲學結構。


0.01 mm precision

The MIAA structure first installs each unit firmly in the designated position, and then conducts acoustic optimization through a series of pipe diameter length Filters to ensure that the sound is transmitted to the ear in the best condition. After numerous tuning and testing, the entire internal structure is strictly 3D printing under control to produce very precise parts with a level of 0.01 mm to ensure the quality of the parts and reduce manufacturing differences so that users can enjoy the design team's attention to sound quality隊為音質上花的心思。



Special custom unit

Implementing the concept of MADOO In addition to the special acoustic structure of the inner shell, the unit configuration of Typ711 is also forward-looking. Through the hybrid design of 3 plates and 2 moving irons, it has created a very reference standard for the headphone industry. The Micro Square used this time The Planar Magnetic PM plane dynamic technology unit uses a slender process to combine a plane coil with a diaphragm made of lightweight metal alloys and high-rigidity super engineering plastics. The coil and diaphragm are directly driven by powerful magnets to produce a tight, clear and dynamic sound.緊密、清晰而充滿動態的音色。


New Hybrid Configuration

The team used three Micro Square PM flat-panel units on each side for the Typ711. The PSM30101 is responsible for low frequency and high frequency. A unique acoustic band-stop filter is built in to show penetrating treble and crisp bass. The PCM90202 is responsible for the mid-low frequency and the main sound unit. Bring out the sweetness of the mid-range vocals. As for the low frequency, the PAM80303 is responsible for it. It is characterized by a very impactful and unique bass performance. It is most obvious when listening to the sub-bass.的下潛低音最為明顯。

In order to cooperate with the three Micro Square PM flat panel unit teams, high-capacity AVX capacitors are specially selected to take care of the sound of high, medium and low frequencies, and to give full play to the entire acoustic structure, two customized Summba BA moving iron units SBA50201 are added in the second-order frequency division method. For the mid-high frequency part, it has the characteristics suitable for fine vibration, which can highlight the details and sense of speed in the mid-high range and is optimized to achieve ultra-thin and lightweight requirements, while maintaining high rigidity and low distortion, while achieving very wide dynamics and high transparency. the sound of常寬闊的動態,以及高透明度的聲音。


Comes with two cables

Each pair of Typ711 comes with a 3.5mm plug 4-pin copper silver-plated Pentaconn Ear single-ended headphone cable MRC011 leather portable headphone case and 1 set of ear gel ear cotton, plus an upgraded version of the gold-plated 4.4mm plug 4-pin copper plated Silver Pentaconn Ear Balanced Headphone Cable MRC023 The wire is protected by a Japanese-made resin sheath that enhances anti-interference本製樹脂外皮保護。


Flat plate + moving iron

After 3 years of development time, in addition to designing a very delicate shape and structure, the team spent a lot of time on the design and tuning of the unit, especially the emergence of the Micro Square PM flat panel unit. The flat-panel headphones are easier to push. Adding 2 moving irons in a mixing method makes the entire sound field and tuning more comprehensive. Even general DAP can easily handle the sound field and dynamics through ear amplification. The sound performance is three-frequency balance. But Runze sees all the subtleties, listening to instruments and vocals, and the alto orientation is the most obvious,聽樂器及人聲中音取向最為明顯。


MADOO Typ711 Product Highlights

  • The surface of the shell made of SUS stainless steel is more sandblasted理
  • Sapphire crystal panel with controlled discharge air pressure and pressure on the back力
  • Made with over 300 Asian ear mold data to make a good-fitting case
  • Unique MIAA acoustic structure combines units in 3D printed components裏
  • Combination of 3 flat plates + 2 moving iron units
  • New Micro Square Planar Magnetic flat drivers produce tight, clear and dynamic tones音色
  • Comes with two types of cables for users to use in different situations用
  • Made in Japan


Product Specifications

Unit Micro Square Planar Magnetic Micro Flat Unit x 3 Summba Moving Iron Unit x 2 2

Connection end Pentaconn EARR

Case material SUS stainless steel + sapphire crystal晶

Maximum input power 15mWW

Impedance 16ΩΩ

Frequency range 20Hz20KHzHz

Connector Pentaconn EARR

Wire 3.5mm 4-core copper silver-plated single-ended headphone cable 1.2 meters 4.4mm 4-core copper silver-plated balanced earphone cable 1.2 meters1.2 米)

Accessories Silicon ear gel 3 sets of S/M/L ear cotton 1 set of portable earphone case便攜耳機盒