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Limetecc FA4 Hong Kong Exclusive Special Edition (Lunch Box 4)

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【Enhanced model exclusive special edition in Hong Kong版】
The Hong Kong version's unique 510MW@32Ω thrust is stronger than other versions, and the sound quality is more vivid致
New model into the pit, lunch box 4 (2.5 + 3.5 + 4.4mm)

1. Dual ES9038Q2M DACs
2. 7 op amps + 4 amp chips
3. CNC aluminum alloy integral molding
4. RTC system clock
Support countdown shutdown or shutdown at any time
5. Bluetooth bidirectional lossless transmission (APTX HD/AAC/SBC/APTX)
6. Compatible with all platforms
7. Native hardware solution DSD supports up to 1024
8. Strong thrust balance 460mw/single end 350mw
9. PCM supports up to 32BIT 768KHZ
10. USB DAC decoding DOP 256
11. 7 filter modes
12. Comprehensive interface 3.5L0/ balance平衡
13. IS0/CUE/DTS direct reading
14. Ultra-long standby, 16 hours of continuous lossless playback
15. Bluetooth decoding + mobile phone tail (can control mobile phone / computer to change songs)
16. UTF8 ASCII file sorting
17. Two-step hardware gain control
18. Seamlessly switch music
19. PC decoding bionic XM0S interface
20. Switch off the screen and change the song
21. Low-impedance headphone attenuation function
FA4 took two years of continuous research and development to try a new software architecture and hardware platform, plus a unique headphone driver circuit PCB6-layer immersion gold 40Z copper thickness process, which is composed of two ES9038Q2M + 7 op amps + 4 high-precision amp drivers. Balanced output CPU main frequency up to 1GHZ, MCLK clock asynchronous working mode It is well known that ES chips have high clock requirements FA4 clock signal 908.304MHZ output supports up to DSD1024, PCM32BIT/768KHZ without losing lockHZ且不失鎖,
The technology that desktop decoding may not be able to achieve is enough to prove the powerful hardware and software operation. In addition to the conventional operation settings, many practical functions have been added, such as high-speed file reading 200G file scanning only 20 seconds. Different memory Card speed compatible setting UTF8, ASCII file list sorting seamless switching Direct reading SACD/IS0, CUE files, etc. Sound details and sound field performance are better than previous models The overall operation is simple, user-friendly, easy to use and worth playing單,人性化,易用,實用,值得一玩
Product parameters:
Model FA44
Product heavy scene 230 grams克
High and low gain low 4DB/high 6DBB
Screen size 2.4TFTT
Product size 10.6*5.8*1.68CMM
Battery capacity 4000MAA
SNR Single-ended 113DB Balanced 118DBB
The charging time is about 4.5H (2A is recommended for the charger)A)
Battery life about 14 hours with high gain / about 16 hours with low gain時
Balanced output power:
Low gain about 430MW@32Ω/ High gain about 510MW@32Ω
Single-ended output power low gain about 310MW@32Ω/ high gain about 390MW@32ΩΩ