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KS-0 power cord has low-to-medium range of brightness, clarity and sense of speed. High-purity 4N oxygen-free copper OFC conductor 2.0SQ 37 cores x 0.24 structure is made of PVC. The outer diameter of the finished product is 8.4. The plug is plated with nickel to prevent oxidation and has a Grounding design IEC plug complies with IEC60320 C13 standard Phosphor bronze free Made in Aomori Prefecture, Japan青銅。日本青森縣製造。

feature of product

■ Made in Aomori Prefecture, Japan
■ The plug position is pressed down by the factory machine, resulting in very precise manual work準
■ The 2M power cord is KOJO TECHNOLOGY original and cost-effective, recommended as the first step of upgrading第一步
■ With medium and low brightness, clarity and speed, sound upright, precise and neutral, suitable for sourceource
■ A standard cable with KOJO TECHNOLOGY's basic and high-speed characteristics makes this cable a special order original cable
■  The conductor is made of high-purity oxygen-free copper conductor 4N 2.0SQ 37 pieces x 0.2φ 3-core structure PVC insulator and sheath finished outer diameter 8.4φ sheath It is soft but moderate hardness Excellent handling,操控性極佳
■  Receptacle plug is nickel plated and has 2-pole grounding (3P) entry plug conforms to IEC60320 C13 standard without phosphor bronze plating青銅
■ Awarded at the 2010 Summer VGP Visual Grand Prix in Japan "Visual Grand Prix is established for the development of the home entertainment industry with audio-visual as the core設立的。

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