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KOJO TECHNOLOGY CRYSTAL 6.1 Fever American Power Strip [US]

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As the name suggests, Crystal 6.1 has 6 American power outlets. Just like the cleanliness and excellent structure of the series, and the possibility of interlocking use between the series, Crystal 6.1 has the ability to expand functions, and cooperate with the factory to provide in Crystal 3P/Crystal C1P The metal sheet is used to fix the outer chassis of Crystal 6.1 and other Crystal series with screws, which is more stable when connected.

Continue to inherit the excellent production tradition of Aomori Prefecture, Japan, and add a variety of own technologies, such as MIS sandwich mechanical isolation system, etc., with built-in Japanese TAOC vibrating pads, which can be connected to the Crystal E floor box function, so that the system has more space to play.

Crystal 6.1 Product Highlights

  • Innovative linkage function for connection with other Crystal series power products
  • MIS mechanical isolation system, effectively reducing fine vibration
  • Using patented metal vibration damping alloy M2052, with high vibration damping ability
  • Join the Japanese national treasure brand TAOC vibrating pad
  • Fever internal wiring
  • Inheritance Series Concise Design
  • Can be connected to a Crystal E floor box

*US plug version is for export only*