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KOJO TECHNOLOGY CRYSTAL 3P Fever American Power Strip[American]

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As the name suggests, Crystal 3P has 3 American power outlets, just like the clean and excellent structure of the series and the possibility of interlocking use between the series的可能性。

Continue to inherit the excellent production tradition of Aomori Prefecture, Japan, and add a variety of own technologies, such as M.I.S. Sandwich mechanical isolation system, etc. Built-in Japanese TAOC vibrating pad can be connected to the Crystal E floor box function, so that the system has more space to play大發揮空間。

Innovative and unique connectivity features

Whether it is a CD player pre-amplifier or post-amplifier, these common devices in the audio system can be used on the 3 sockets of Crystal 3P, and the word P in the product name has the meaning of English Plug, which is the first in the market. Power strip with connection function can be connected and expanded to other Crystal series power productsstal 系列電源產品。

Connecting other Crystal series users through the IEC male socket can increase the number of power sockets, and can also add filtering and lightning protection functions according to personal needs and preferences, making Crystal 3P the foundation of a rich and expandable power strip. In addition, the factory provides metal plate through Use screws to fix Crystal 3P and other Crystal series outer chassis to be more stable when used連接使用時更為穩定。


M.I.S. Sandwich Mechanical Isolation System

Crystal 3P consists of 3 parts. The top cover, the outer chassis and the inner chassis have a 3-layer design like a sandwich. This is called M.I.S. The Mechanical Isolation System (Mechanical Isolation System) installs all parts on the inner chassis so that they can be independently suspended to effectively reduce the impact from the outside. The fine vibration that always affects the power supply and the middle connection part of the outer chassis of the top cover and the inner chassis use a special metal vibration control alloy M2052 制振合金 M2052。

Vibration control alloy M2052 was invented in 1995 by Dr. Kawahara Koji from the National Research and Development Corporation (NIMS) of Japan. It consists of 73% Mn manganese + 20% Cu copper + 5% Ni nickel + 2% Fe iron. This patented alloy can Resist the influence of magnetic field and have very high vibration suppression ability Patent No. 28489698 Effectively reduce tiny vibrations at different frequencies from extremely low frequencies to ultrasonic regions率到超聲波區域,不同頻率的微小振動。


In order to make more effective use of the M.I.S. vibration function, each component is installed at an appropriate distance. Even if a large power plug is inserted, it will not touch the Crystal 3P shell to prevent the vibration of the power line from being brought to the power strip.源排插上。


With high stiffness and strong material

The three parts of the M.I.S. structure of KOJO Technology's latest power strip works are also ingenious. The Crystal 3P top cover is made of aluminum alloy, while the outer chassis and inner chassis are made of steel. The weight has increased by about 20% compared with the previous work. In addition, the ones that are directly affected by ground vibration The outer chassis not only increases the thickness to 2.0mm, but also adds the chemical vibration pad of the Japanese national treasure brand TAOC. These designs increase the overall rigidity and anti-vibration effect of the KOJO Technology socket.剛性,抗震效果更為優秀。



Fever internal wiring

In addition to the factory's efforts to eliminate vibration, the internal wiring is also thoughtful. The internal wiring of Crystal 3P is 1.6mm copper tinned wire. It is also equipped with a single branch wire design to ensure stable current and reduce the chance of wire oxidation, which will affect the sound when welding each part. KOJO Technology will also use solder containing special ingredients to show its dedication to sound盡顯對聲音的執著。


Inheritance Series Concise Design

The crystal 3P consistent series has a clear and delicate design concept. The top cover is made of white aluminum oxide, which is simple and rich in texture. The inner and outer chassis are also unified in silver to create an integrated design, endowing it with timeless characteristics看不厭的特性。


sound quality tendency

With the above technologies, Guangcheng Seiko’s fever power supply has a wide range of frequency response and three-band balance. The space presentation and transparency have been significantly improved compared to Crystal 3P. In terms of tuning, it has been considered to be appreciated by parents for a long time, so its sound is not only clean. With deep low-frequency extension, the mid-low frequency is full of vitality, the mid-high frequency is powerful, and the mid-high frequency is transparent and elegant. The unforgettable sense of air will capture the listener's heart.空氣感將抓住聆聽者的心。


Crystal 3P Product Highlights

  • Innovative linkage feature allows connection and expansion of other Crystal Series power products品
  • M.I.S. Mechanical Isolation System Effectively reduces fine vibrations動
  • The use of patented metal vibration damping alloy M2052 has high vibration damping ability力
  • Join the Japanese national treasure brand TAOC vibrating pad
  • Fever internal wiring
  • Inheritance Series Concise Design
  • Can be used with Crystal E floor boxes

*Note that US connections are for export only口