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ifi hip-dac2 decoding ear expansion

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Our HIP-DAC just got even more stylish!

Meet the hip-dac2 with full MQA decoding in a compact body in sunset orange解碼。

colorful capable crisper

Our beloved original hip-dac has been given a makeover and our portable high-res digital-to-analog converter/headphone amplifier looks really cool in its new vibrant sunset orange body酷。

Not only has the hip-dac2's super-slick aluminum casing been updated, but its interior has also been beefed up with a new 16-core XMOS chip that processes data over USB to deliver twice the clock speed and four times the memory倍的內存。

This improves overall performance and adds full MQA decoding to the hip-dac2's skill set. There's also an upgraded crystal clock for a cleaner and clearer sound.晰的聲音。

So whether you're working at your favorite coffee shop or just relaxing on your daily commute sunrise or sunset you'll definitely want to take the hip-dac2 with you wherever you go你走到哪裡。

output from hip dac

The hip-dac2 replaces the poor quality DACs in smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs, digital-to-analog converters and amplification circuits greatly improve the sound of headphones耳機的聲音。

Plug in your favorite wired headphones or in-ear headphones via USB to your playback device and the hip-dac2 delivers bold energy and smooth, refined sound聲音。

The Burr-Brown DAC chip was chosen for its smooth, highly musical sound quality and True Native architecture coupled with iFi custom circuitry enables the hip-dac2 to deliver outstanding sound quality in a variety of digital audio formats including flawless PCM native DSD and MQA The upgraded crystal clock eliminates jitter, digital distortion, and femtosecond precision clock system using iFi's GMT.MT飛秒級精確時鐘系統。

This preserves the integrity of the digital signal until conversion to analog and improves sound quality音質。

MQA decoding

Due to the adoption of XMOS 16 core technology hip-dac2 is now an MQA decoder rather than just a renderer MQA renderinging)。

This enables you to play and stream MQA audio files and provide the sound of the original master recording. The LED lights up green or blue to indicate that the device is decoding and playing the MQA stream or file and indicates the source to ensure the sound is the same as the source material.的聲音相同。

It glows on Blu-ray to indicate that it is playing an MQA Studio archive that has been approved by the artist/producer in the studio or has been verified by the copyright owner驗證。

MQA rendering rendering technology used in iFi other products to connect the original hip-dac to the MQA core signal such as TIDAL to complete the final expansion of the MQA file Usually the computer has already decoded it電腦已經進行了解碼。

Lack of thrust, use hip-dac2吧!

The amplification circuit of the hip-dac2 is of the same balanced differential design as the original The circuit contains a series of high quality components carefully selected to ensure its performance in an audio playback environment including a custom iFi OV op amp TDK C0G Class 1 ceramic capacitors Texas Instruments (TI)'s Precision Low Noise Power IC and High Quality Analog Volume Potentiometer品質類比音量電位器。

Amplified stage provides 400mW of power into a 32 ohm headphone load Ensures compatibility with a wide range of headphones and headphone types and provides reserve thrust推力。

Since the output voltage at 600 ohms comes to 6.3V from the balanced output it can easily handle even high impedance headphones鬆處理。

Switchable sound representation

hip-dac2 amplifier stage with switchable gain we call it PowerMatchh。

It adjusts the signal strength by adjusting the input sensitivity to match the drive level to the load on the headphones. For high sensitivity headphones use a lower setting. If your headphones require more drive use PowerMatch to increase the gain.h來增加增益。

XBass is another user-selectable feature, a sophisticated form of bass boosting that boosts low frequencies without affecting mids, especially useful for headphones and open-back headphones that may lack deep bass機特別有用。

It operates entirely in the analog domain rather than scrambling digital signals through DSP號。

build connection

There are two USB ports Type A for audio data USB-C for charging充電。

Type A ports have male connectors to provide higher mechanical integrity than USB/micro USB ports commonly found on other DAC/headphone amplifiers性。

Two outputs are provided A 3.5mm jack for headphones with a single-ended cable/connector and a balanced 4.4mm output enables headphones with balanced connections to take full advantage of the hip-dac2's differential amplifier design大器設計。

In addition, the 3.5mm output benefits from iFi's proprietary S-Balanced circuit which reduces crosstalk and associated distortion in half when used in conjunction with conventional single-ended headphones, which is especially beneficial for high-sensitivity in-ear headphones尤其有益。

protection and service

Both the original hip-dac and the new hip-dac2 have a 102x70x14mm extruded aluminum case sturdy enough to carry around without fear of breakage破損。

However some people may wish to further protect the fine anodized metal finish while giving their beloved DAC/headphone amplifier a softer suede-like feel for them the new hip-case is ideal by the cool dove grey faux Made of suede iFi logo hip sleeve with stitched details and embroidery Fits hip-dac and hip-dac2 like a glove Protects it without getting in the way of function Protects the hip-dac2 and makes it work for youp-dac2,讓它為你服務。

Burr-Brown True Native chipset means the file format remains the same or bit-perfect which means you are listening to the music in the recorded format as the artist intended聆聽音樂。

At iFi we use Burr Brown extensively in our products because of its natural musicality and true native architecture Our experience with this IC means we know how to get the most out of it充分利用它。

XMOS 16-core chip processes audio data received via USB digital input The processing power of this new low-latency XMOS microcontroller is greatly enhanced強。

Compared to current octa-core chips, this new 16-core IC offers twice the clock speed of 2000MIPS and four times the memory of 512KB and the latest SuperSpeed USB standard速USB標準。

iFi's in-house digital development team has updated XMOS firmware to optimize sound quality and ensure perfect cooperation with Burr-Brown DACs合作。

Hi-Res True Native plays all music formats from MP3 to DSD256PCM384 and DXD384格式。

MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) MQA is an award-winning British technology that delivers the sound of the original master recording音。

MQA master files are fully certified and small enough to be streamed or downloaded hip-dac2 uses MQA technology to receive and decode MQA audio to provide masterful sound Visit for more information解更多信息。

Richer and deeper sonic advantage XBass analog bass correction system compensates for the lack of headphone/speaker low frequency response應的缺失。


This is a method superior to traditional single-ended circuit methods. Balanced circuits reduce noise and crosstalk.擾。

Clearer sound with fewer distractions聲音。

You would normally find this setup in the higher price range like the Pro iCAN but iFi is now using this setup across its entire range to provide the highest quality audio to all of our customers質的音訊。

iFi's exclusive S-Balanced circuit provides optimum performance for single-ended and balanced headphones See our tech note for an in-depth look了解。


Supported formats DSD
256/128/64 Quad/Dual/Single Speed速
digital input USB 3.0 Type AA”
(Compatible with USB2.0)
headphone output balance
S-Balance (SE)
Power output (@1% THD) balance
S-Balance (SE)
400mW@32Ω 6.3V@600ΩΩ
280MW @ 32Ω; 3.2V@600Ω
Battery Lithium polymer 2200mAh about 8 hours
Power Systems Charging BC V1.2 via USB-C Compatible with up to達
1000mA charge current and 6.3 volts
Maximum power大) <2W idle max 4WW
aspect 102 x 70 x 14 mm
4.0 x 2.8 x 0.6.6″
weight 125 g 0.28 lb磅)