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HiBy WH3 HD Full Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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  • One circle and one iron
Each earphone of the WH3 has a built-in large-size composite diaphragm moving coil and a Knowles moving iron unit. The Hi-Fi headphone unit is stacked with a standard and rigorous acoustic structure to ensure the accuracy of sound reproduction.確性。

  • Adjustable digital frequency division patent technology
At present, there are three crossover points recommended to highlight the sound characteristics of the iron moving coil corresponding to the performance of the moving iron ring, which can also be adjusted by yourself.自行調整。
Moving iron mode crossover point (2700MHz) voice priority先
Ring iron mode crossover point (10KHz) Acoustic instrument priority overtone rich豐富
Dynamic mode crossover point (18KHz) Drums and instruments prioritize low-frequency cohesion and layers有層次

  • 4 DACs + AMPs for balanced output
Each group of DAC + AMP will be independently responsible for a unit and the powerful output power can reach 125mW per earphoneW。

  • Qualcomm 5 series Bluetooth chip, Bluetooth 5.0 connection is faster and more stable穩定
Support aptXAACSBC and other audio encoding編碼
Support 24bit/96kHz HD music specification
Support TWS+ transmission to the left and right earphones at the same time, the connection is more stable and no delay延誤

  • Use with dedicated AppHiBy Blue用
Real-time display of the status of the product being played, including the sampling rate, Bluetooth format, device power, Bluetooth signal, etc. Players who like different styles of music can also customize the sound through EQ hardware gain, etc.益等自定義聲音。

Other features
  • Comes with a dedicated Qi wireless charging headphone case
  • Supports the 8th generation cVcClear Voice Capture call noise reduction technology技術
  • Touch controls to customize touch gestures勢
  • The net weight of each earphone is only 6g
  • 5 hours of battery life when fully charged, up to 24 hours of battery life (with charging case))
Detailed specifications:
  • Model HiBy WH33
  • Bluetooth chip QCC51211
  • Connect Bluetooth 5.0UATaptXSBCAACC、AAC)
  • Connection range 10 meters米
  • Radio microphone support援
  • 5 hours of battery life, 24 hours of playback time per earphone and charging box24小時
  • Battery 45mAh Headphone 400mAh Charging Caseh(充電盒)
  • Weight 6g Each earphone 53g charging boxg(充電盒)