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Hansound Audio Danta Headphone Upgrade Cable

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The world's first, the industry leader 💪
In 2017, the world's first"VENOM"headphone cable grounding function was released, the first Hansheng flagship cable. According to the concept of audio signal cable, the headphone cable was introduced to separate the sound signal from the shielding ground independently. With both 2.5mm and 3.5mm outputs, Or the playback device with 4.4mm output achieves the grounding effect. Because the effect is quite impressive, it has also caused a phenomenon that the market is vying for reference.

New range of Pyramid product line
The new Pyramid series products remove the traditional thermoplastic as the insulating outer coating, and use the polymer insulating material as the winding coating inside to achieve softness, good weather resistance and extremely low dielectric constant, and the bandwidth of the conductor is no longer. The shrinkage is limited due to the plastic insulation coating, and the outer coating is replaced by a woven cloth mesh, making the Pyramid series specifications the softest upgrade cable with special sound on the market.

First Product – DANTA
DANTA is the first product in the Pyramid series. It uses a golden ratio of gold-silver alloy wire and a single crystal copper Ritz wire to be tightly twisted, and is matched with a polymer soft coating material with minimal dielectric constant loss. It will not limit the sound field but also maintain the The softness of the wire body, even if the diameter of the single wire core (dual-core structure) is 23AWG, it is still light and easy to wear, and it is matched with a high-density silver-plated woven shielding net to achieve the actual grounding effect. The product is made with custom-made gold-silver mixed tin , so that the overall sound presents an excellent high-frequency air feeling, which is full of emotional rendering power, which makes people unforgettable for a long time. Such extreme performance brings the product to a new height and also lays a milestone in the new Pyramid series of Hansheng.

CM/4.4mm rhodium-plated version blessing
At the same time, rhodium-plated 2-pin pins and rhodium-plated 4.4mm plugs were also introduced. The biggest difference between 2-pin rhodium-plated pins and the market is that we chose PEEK (Poly-Ether-Ether-Ketone) as the The insulating material effectively maintains the bandwidth performance of extremely high frequencies, and the overall sense of speed and line is different from the commercially available gold-plated pins.
We also chose tellurium copper as the base material for the 4.4mm rhodium-plated plug. With the characteristics of tellurium copper, the sound is completely different from the gold-plated plug, and the rhodium-plated plug with brass base has been improved. The high-frequency sharpness, the depression in the mid-frequency, and the low-end bass are very fast.