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Ultra Seven x Final Audio ZE3000 True Wireless Headphones - 55th Anniversary Edition

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【Legend of the Kingdom of Light reappears final true wireless earphones ZE3000 ウルトラ Guards モデルル】
The Japanese earphone brand final and Tsuburaya Image, which pursues cutting-edge entertainment as the goal, jointly developed the final true wireless earphone ZE3000 ウルトラ护队モデル. In terms of design, both the charging box and the packaging box of the earphone body are designed based on the ウルトラセブン Hong Kong translation: Superman Seven in the ウルトラセナナス. Don't miss it, superhero lovers者千萬不容錯過。

All the internal parts of the earphones are developed by our company, focusing on sound quality. The design is based on the true wireless earphone ZE3000 made by the audio brand final. The charging box of the earphone body and the packaging box are all in the image of the uniform and helmet of the Altec Guard. In addition, the guidance voice also includes the original video. The Heisei Ultraman series is played by HAYAKAWAMISATO member Kaoru Ugawa. The original voice guidance recorded for this product allows you to feel the world view of Ultraman everywhere.。讓你隨處感受“賽文·奧特曼”的世界觀。

  • Self-developed f-Core for Wireless dynamic unit單元
  • f-LINK Damping System patented technology
  • SHIBO powder snow coating design
  • Support 24 Bit lossless music listening experience

feature of product
f-Core DU for Wireless dynamic unit developed by final itself
In order to create the best sound quality Bluetooth headset final, the latest ZE3000 adopts the new f-Core DU for Wireless 6mmΦ dynamic coil unit developed and designed by itself. Ideal conditions for manufacturing with different materials and can be molded with high precision without the need for glue Effectively reduce the deformation and distortion caused by the unit when it produces sound Achieve the highest quality tuning and sound quality performance最高品質調音及音質表現。

In addition to the manufacturing method, the structure and materials of the diaphragm are also carefully thought out. Generally, the supporting area of the diaphragm is made of plastic such as PET or PU. The supporting area of the f-Core DU for Wireless diaphragm is made of soft and highly elastic The characteristics of the special silicone rubber can reduce energy loss and greatly improve the sensitivity of the unit. In addition, the toughness of this material increases the area of the sound-emitting area in the middle of the diaphragm. The most ideal dynamic unit is that only the middle area emits sound. Enlarging the middle area by reducing the support area also improves the overall sound quality體的音質也因此得以提升。

The f-Core DU for Wireless coil on the drive unit is made of special conductor enameled wire CCAW (Copper-Clad Aluminum Wire). Compared with the pure copper coil used in common units on the market, the weight is only one-third, so the sensitivity and response speed of the diaphragm are also faster. The general dynamic unit is also fast and precise, achieving low distortion and transparent and natural sound自然的音色。

f-LINK Damping System patented technology
The waterproof function is an important part of the Bluetooth headset. The Bluetooth headsets on the market will install the unit on the sound tube and form a completely sealed space behind the unit to achieve waterproof performance. However, this design will lead to excessive low frequency and high frequency. Because of the masking effect, the transparency of the overall sound quality will be negatively affected. In order to create the most natural and transparent sound, final specially developed the f-LINK Damping System patented technology for ZE 3000. The technology refers to the chamber design of final flagship A8000. The front end of the unit is specially designed with a front chamber and an air pressure hole is provided to connect the rear chamber to adjust the air pressure inside. The upper sound frequency will not cause too much pressure on the unit, so that ZE3000 can achieve transparent and clear high-quality sound while supporting IPX4 waterproof level情況下,也能達到通透清晰的高音質。

Support 24 Bit lossless music listening experience
In order to ensure the connection stability and sound quality of the ZE 3000 and the 24-bit lossless music launched on major streaming platforms, the ZE3000 uses a Qualcomm QCC3040 chip that supports Bluetooth 5.2. The chip supports aptX Adaptive Bluetooth decoding and HiRes music listening at any time樂隨時收聽。

Equipped with automatic pairing function能”
final has configured the ZE3000 with an automatic pairing function when opening the box. Opening the top cover of the charging box will immediately start Bluetooth pairing. Put the headset back into the charging box and close the top cover to automatically turn off the power, saving the time to connect the headset every time.機的時間。

Support single ear mode式”
ZE3000 supports binaural/single-ear seamless switching, as long as one of the earphones is put back into the charging box, it will automatically switch without additional settings and will not interrupt the music, greatly increasing the convenience便性大增。

touch design
In terms of operation, the ZE3000 panel adopts a touch-sensitive design to reduce the discomfort of pressing physical buttons and make the operation more convenient更方便。

35 hours battery life
The earbuds can provide up to 7 hours of music playback battery life when fully charged, and the total battery life can be up to 35 hours when used with the charging case小時。

f-Core for Wireless 6mmΦ dynamic unit

audio input
Qualcomm QCC30400

Bluetooth 5.22

support decoding

Frequency response
20Hz ~ 20000Hz

Working hours approx.約)
7 hours total battery life up to 35 hours時

Charging time approx.約)
1.5 hours

battery capacity
2 * 35mAh + 300mAh charging case