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FiiO Q7 (Flagship Portable (Battery Powered) + Desktop (DC Powered) Dual Mode)

FiiO Q7 (Flagship Portable (Battery Powered) + Desktop (DC Powered) Dual Mode)

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【Flagship Portable Battery Powered + Desktop DC Powered Dual Mode ~ FiiO Q7 #怪物級

FiiO Q7 (Flagship Portable)

3W output power / THX AAA 788+ fully balanced headphone amplifier / desktop / portable dual power supply mode / compatible with a wide range of interfaces / high-end configuration XMOS XU316 + ES9038PRO + QCC5124 / self-developed digital core / new generation of mecha style design / color IPS display Curtain / Multiple Wisdom Protection

Q7 Recommended reason:

1. Incredibly large thrust 3W ~ activate super big ear mode to output thrust up to力高達

2. The interface is up to you ~ The comprehensive and rich interface far exceeds what you use所用

3. High-end and high-level ~ XMOS XU316 + ES9038PRO + QCC51244

4. THX AAA 788+ fully balanced headphone amplifier ~ four-way THX amplifier circuit with five-speed hybrid gain益

5. Consistent audio-visual experience ~ 1.3-inch full-color display with visible high-definition清

6. A new design that can be perceived by sight and touch ~ a new generation of mecha style with dazzling atmosphere lights燈

7. The separation of digital and analog is pure to the bottom ~ Self-developed digital core and then upgraded digital-analog splitting design設計

8. More than portable ~ desktop DC power supply + portable battery power supply dual mode)雙模式

9. A knob shows off new tricks ~ One-button jog shuttle to quickly realize volume adjustment, input selection, menu setting能表設置

10. Exciting do not leave ~ Rich accessories support multiple intelligent protection保護


1. Unusual ~ Portable and desktop in one

Following the design concept of the portable amp M17, the portable amp Q7 is equipped with top-quality materials specially used for many desktops, and truly achieves the ingenious fusion of small size and large energy. Again, it redefines the ordinary with the unusual and sets a new benchmark for FiiO portable decoding amps.攜解碼耳放的新標杆。

2. The large thrust of the stage amp

Portable volume amp configuration Q7's output thrust increases by 100% to 3000mW after DC power supply starts super large ear mode* Reaching an incredible new height* Q7 has 1500mW output thrust in portable mode, which is compared by 100%. inferred 料由此對比得出。

3. Staged ~ THX AAA 788+

Using the dedicated THX AAA 788+ amp technology for desktop computers, composed of four-way THX amplifier circuits, a fully balanced amp driver and five-speed mixed gain can easily drive most of the headphones on the market, including big ears, to bring you pure listening. experience的聽音體驗。

4. A stage-level interface

Q7 is equipped with a USB optical coaxial input interface and a 6.35mm4.4mm3.5mm2.5mm output interface, which supports 2 kinds of single-ended and 2 kinds of balanced and compatible LO output.該有的,這次都有了。

5. The power supply system of the stage-level power supply ~ dual-mode power supply with high-energy uninterruptible power supply“電”

Q7 is equipped with DC and battery dual-mode power supply. The DC power supply link is directly supplied to the amp stage. The battery isolation protection greatly prolongs the battery life. In the portable mode, it is powered by a 9200mAh battery with a continuous 1500mW high-energy output. Under the blessing of noise power, large dynamic output is a piece of cake動態輸出,小菜一碟。

6. The high-precision power supply is stable了!

Use 5-level audio circuit to supply power, then stack 20 LDOs for precise voltage regulation, and then use 470mF large-capacity, ultra-low ESR supercapacitor to assist power supply, peak power reserve is bottomless, high-quality audio performance is stable online訊表現穩定線上。

7. The configuration of the stage amplifier

XMOS 16-core XU316 dual audio clocks with ultra-low latency support 768K and DSD512 and MQA fully decoded high-end DAC ES9038PRO 4-channel parallel differential output with superior resolution Qualcomm QCC5124 Bluetooth chip supports high-definition Bluetooth reception including LDACaptX, AdaptiveaptX, LLaptX HD, etc.LL、aptX HD等

8. FiiO self-developed digital core ~ upgrade again!

FiiO's self-developed digital core, Digital Audio Center, has been upgraded again. It includes clock management, USB decoding, and SPDIF decoding. The Cortex M4 control core manages and completes the efficient operation of digital audio. Taking the listening experience to the next level淨,聆聽體驗更上一層樓。

9. New design ~ from 7開始

Continuing FiiO's latest family design language, adopting a new generation of mecha-style design and equipped with dazzling light-sensing atmosphere lights, Ambilight shuttles through the Q7's masculine body, full of cool technological aesthetics, blue 48K and below, yellow 48K and above, green DSD pink MQA *When there is no signal, the ambient light changes randomly in several colors顏色隨機變化

10. Full color vision ~ HD experience like never before

The Q7 is equipped with a 1.3-inch full-color display. The sample rate of the song format that was not seen in the past, etc. is now displayed for you. Whether you are sitting, walking or standing, you can see it at a glance. The audio-visual experience is not too good.驗,簡直不要太好。

11. A knob ~ shows off new tricks花樣

Q7 realizes a new experience of the one-button shuttle all音量,快與准,統統都要。

12. Open the APP which means to tune which哪

Pair and connect to the FiiO Control APP. Control the global Bluetooth format at your fingertips. Choose lighting, adjust the channel balance, etc. You can control everything you thought and did not expect. *Fiio has been working on product optimization. The final APP function is subject to the official release version.以官方發佈版本為准。

13. The arrangement you want is up了

The accessories manufacturer lives up to its name. The Q7 comes standard with a low-noise power adapter. The original cooling base is pre-affixed with a tempered film.到手,讓你愛不釋手。

14. Refinement and peace of mind心

Battery isolation desktop mode battery automatic disconnection損傷聽力

15. Once connected ~ walk into the concert hall immediately

Desktop decoding connected to the computer DC power supply and cooling base placed in big ears to listen to songs聽歌

Bluetooth decoding amp connect mobile phone tablet player via bluetooth放機

Digital broadcast decoding amp coaxial connection digital broadcast

Mobile decoding amp USB short cable connection to mobile phone機


USB decoding XMOS XU316 DAC chip ES9038PRO Supporting specifications 768kHz-32bit/DSD512MQA full decoding Bluetooth chip QCC5124 Headphone amp THX AAA 788+ Power supply protocol DC+USB PD Gain low/medium/high/big ear/super big ear screen color 1.3 inches IPS 240 *240 Portable mode PO output power: 500mW(32Ω/THD+N1%) Portable mode BAL output power: 1500mW(32Ω/THD+N1%) Desktop mode PO output power: 1100mW32Ω/THD+N1% Desktop mode BAL output Power: 3000mW32Ω/THD+N1% BAL Output Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 125dBA Weighted BAL Output Distortion: 0.0003%(1kHz/-3dB@300Ω) Battery Capacity 9200mAh Dimensions 158mm88mm28mm Weight About 620g28mm 重量:約620g *完整版規格參數請前往飛傲官網查看

Rich accessories:

01: Q7 x 1 02: Leather case x 1 03: Cooling base x 1 04: USB power cable x 1 05: Power adapter x 1 06: AC power cable x 1 07: USB adapter x 1 08: Type-C -Type-C data cable long x 1 09: Type-C-Type-C data cable short x 1 10: Lightning-Type C decoding cable x 1 11: Quick start x 1 12: After-sales maintenance card x 1卡x 1

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