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FiiO M11s Music Player

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FiioPortable HiFi Android Player M11s】
After the M11 series was launched, it not only received many praises from users and the media, but also won many domestic and foreign awards, which also made many fans look forward to the M11s. Now the M11s is full of sincerity to meet you.和大家見面。

The left and right channels of the M11s each use a high-performance low-power DAC chip ES9038Q2M, each DAC independently processes one channel, and the audio details are richer. The local decoding can support 384kHz/DSD256. Not only that, but also the self-developed fourth-generation FPGA clock phase locking Ring technology with two femtosecond crystal oscillators provides a unified clock source with high precision and low jitter for the entire audio system, and deeply reorganizes audio data through FPGA to make the audio stream more pure組,讓音訊流更加純淨。

Of course, the M11s has a complete HIFI player architecture, and an audiophile-grade power supply circuit is indispensable. In the amp and op amp parts, the M11s uses two sets of power supply circuits to independently supply power without interfering with each other during work. Respond to complex scenarios with ease雜場景也遊刃有餘。

What's more powerful is that the balanced output power of M11s is up to 670mW under a 32 ohm load, and the noise floor is 62% lower than the previous generation. The low noise floor of only 1.8μV, high performance and high fidelity ensure a more enjoyable listening experience.癮的聽音感受。

As an Android player, the M11s is equipped with a 10,000-dollar player M17. The same main control Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 has greatly improved the overall performance. The operation is smooth and the experience is at your fingertips. The Android 10 open system of the local device can install streaming media such as Apple Music by yourself. APP bypasses Android SRC lossless music globally損音樂想聽就聽

High-performance dual DAC ES9038Q2M Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 670mW output power 5.0 inches / 720P full screen Android 10 bypass SRC 14 hours long battery life小時長續航

Greatly improved performance DAC dual-mode design
Each of the left and right channels adopts a high-performance low-power DAC chip ES9038Q2M has better performance and richer audio details. The local decoding can support 384kHz / DSD256256。

Fourth generation FPGA technology DAPS digital audio purification system quality
Self-developed fourth-generation FPGA clock phase-locked loop technology with two femtosecond crystal oscillators provides a unified clock source with high precision and low jitter for the entire audio system, and deeply reorganizes audio data through FPGA to make the audio stream more pure流更加純淨。

Enthusiast power circuit
The amp and op amp use two sets of power supply circuits for independent power supply, and they do not interfere with each other when working. The power supply is clean, pure and abundant, and the power supply capability can also get a better dynamic response. It is also easy to deal with complex scenes.遊刃有餘。

High-energy, high-power continuous output at the front
Single-ended output power up to 195mW under 32 ohm load Balanced output power up to 670mW More enjoyable listening experience taken away at one time次性帶走。

Denoising is very capable
Under the unremitting tuning, the M11s has a low noise floor of 1.9μV, which is 62% lower than the previous generation. When you close your eyes, you can hear only moving music and pure background.純的背景。

Lower latency, faster experience
As always, two-way Bluetooth connection supports LHDC transmission for the first time, and more DLNA / AirPlay interconnection methods are waiting for you to play來把玩
Bluetooth transmitter LDAC/LHDC/aptX HD/aptX/AAC/SBCC
Bluetooth Receive SBC/AAC/LDACC

Wonderful Continuation FiiO's 6th Generation Honeycomb Model
Atmospheric and masculine hexagonal structure with a strong visual outline and a 5.0-inch 720P high-definition display that supports image zooming and multi-touch for a more comfortable user experience適的使用體驗。

Audio interface can not be missing one
Not only 2.5mm / 3.5mm / 4.4mm audio interface, but also new balanced LO output interface落下。

Understand music, understand you better FiiO exclusive multi-function key
One key to play the next song at random One key to delete the current song One key to switch filter One key to switch EQ One key to enter USB decoding mode One key to enter Bluetooth decoding mode……

The strength is very exciting Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 master
Equipped with a 10,000-dollar player M17, the same main control classic four-core / four-small-core architecture brings a new experience of performance jump, which not only has a smooth experience like a mobile phone, but also ensures ultra-low power consumption when only listening to songs. Listening to songs and watching videos Enjoy playing games有暢快體驗
3G 32GB RAM and Memory
14NM process
8-core processor

5300mAh large battery, 14 hours of strong battery life
Full power reserve gives you a full sense of security Support QC4.0+PD fast charge to restore blood in just 3 hours可回血。

Android 10 system without SRC globally
Equipped with Android 10 system, you can install streaming media apps such as Apple Music by yourself, bypassing Android SRC lossless music globally聽就聽。

MQA fully expanded
The pursuit of good sound quality never stops M11s supports MQA 8x expansion Provides mastering-level sound reproduction to further enjoy the shock of the original soundtrack的震撼。

Five working modes Save effort and worry
In Android mode, you can enjoy a large number of third-party applications and play how you want to play.麼玩
Pure Audio mode provides an immersive listening experience without interference from other applications體驗

Bluetooth reception mode easily obtains songs from music devices such as mobile phones曲

USB DAC mode can be connected to the computer when working in the office, and the ordinary computer can also be HiFiFi

AirPlay mode makes up for the shortcomings of iPhone users that Bluetooth can only connect to AAC code憾。

Qualcomm Snapdragon 660


bluetooth chip

Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 5..0


Bluetooth format
take over:SBC/AAC/LDAC
emission:SBC / AAC / aptX / aptX HD / LDAC / LHDC


about 271g

5.0" IPS display 720PP)

power supply
Support QC3.0 / QC4.0 and PD2.0 / PD3.0 fast charging

Battery Specifications
5300mAh 3.8V

battery life
About 15h single-ended端)

charging time
About 3hQC fast charge充)

RAM / Body
3GB / 32GB memory card single TF card expansion support 2TBTB)