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FiiO FW5 (full link, one circle, two iron HiFi true wireless earphones)

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【FiiO's first HiFi-class true wireless Bluetooth headset ~ FiiO FW5

#Listen to HiFi TWS New Realm

#Won the Japan VPG 2023 award

Integrating FiiO's cutting-edge technology to bring a full-link true wireless acoustic solution For the first time in the field of TWS headphones, the Bluetooth chip independent DAC chip professional acoustic architecture is integrated to achieve a big leap in three dimensions, which will take you into a new realm of HiFi TWS TWS新境界。

FiiO FW5 (full link, one circle, two iron HiFi true wireless earphones) HK$15999

Built-in independent DAC chip AK4332 high-end bluetooth chip QCC5141 DLC dome + PU overhanging diaphragm One ring two iron acoustic structure 10mm large size moving coil supports IPX4 level waterproof 4 physical buttons Two Knowles high-frequency moving iron units support LHDC/ HD Bluetooth formats such as aptX Adaptive高清藍牙格式

Reasons to choose:

1. Multiple cores sound better ~ Built-in independent DAC chip AK43322

2. It is more stable when the material is full ~ High-end Bluetooth chip QCC51411

3. Acoustic precipitation, one ear enters ~ one circle and two iron acoustic structures構

4. There is more than enough flexibility between rigidity and flexibility ~ DLC dome + PU suspension edge diaphragm膜

5. Knowles classics in detail ~ High frequency adopts Knowles moving iron unit元

6. Take the lead in tasting cutting-edge technology ~ Support LHDC/aptX Adaptive and other high-definition Bluetooth formats at the same time式

7. Zero false touch is more convenient ~ 4 physical buttons鍵

8. Proper long battery life ~ Large-capacity battery 7h single battery life 21h + comprehensive battery life合續航


1. The master ~ full link HiFi TWS

FW5 integrates FiiO's cutting-edge technology to bring a full-link true wireless acoustic solution for the first time in the field of TWS earphones. It integrates the professional acoustic architecture of the Bluetooth chip and the independent DAC chip to achieve a three-dimensional leap. realmi TWS新境界。

FiiO FW5 won the VPG2023 award in Japan VGP stands for Visual Grand Prix, which is a large-scale and highly authoritative audio-visual equipment comprehensive award. It enjoys the reputation of Oscar in the field of audio-visual equipment and has very important reference significance for the consumer electronics industry.要的參考意義。

2. Hard core strength ~ built-in independent DAC chip AK4332

True Wireless HiFi FW5 built-in AKM low power consumption VELVET SOUND grade DAC chip AK4332 has high-performance decoding capability and a signal-to-noise ratio of up to 106dB The distortion rate is as low as -96dB and the dynamic range can reach 102dB *The above parameters are the measured values of the internal circuit of FW55內部電路實測值

3. Full configuration ~ high-end Bluetooth chip QCC5141

As a true wireless Bluetooth headset, the Bluetooth chip is the most important thing. FW5 uses Qualcomm's high-end platform Bluetooth chip QCC5141 Bluetooth 5.2 version, thanks to the dual DSP and dual-core CPU architecture to ensure the dual stability of Bluetooth audio and system operation and achieved Snapdragon SoundSnapdragon Unlimited Listening Certification,音樂無限,樂享暢聽。

4. One ear entry ~ one circle two iron acoustic structure

Inheriting the HiFi gene of FiiO’s flagship ring-iron earphone FH9, the one-circle and two-iron acoustic structure tailored by FiiO Acoustics R&D Center for FW5 is placed under the small space of the active true wireless Bluetooth headset with a 10mm large-scale mid-low frequency dynamic unit. Dive to the deep, broad and bright, the high-frequency part adopts Knowles moving iron unit, the original taste blooms every audio detail每一處音訊細節。

5. Not limited to large ~ 10mm large size dynamic unit

FW5 adopts a large-size moving coil with a diameter of 10mm in the middle and low frequencies. The magnetic circuit structure of the moving coil unit has been readjusted and designed. The magnetic density of N50 high magnetic density NdFeB magnets has been significantly improved. This design can store more energy. Let the dynamic response processing be more calm, make the sound field more magnificent and broad, and the sound is surging and melodious廣,聲音澎湃悠揚。

6. Large stacking factory ~ DLC dome + PU suspension edge diaphragm

FW5 uses PU material as the diaphragm suspension edge, which has good elasticity and high damping coefficient, which makes the voice more moist and provides faster transient response. The dome is based on the DLC material, which is rigid, high-quality, and light. It reduces split vibration and effectively reduces abnormality. Linear distortion for better resolution真,帶來更好的解析力。

7. Every detail is visible ~ Knowles high-frequency moving iron unit

The Knowles high-frequency moving iron unit is used in the high-frequency part. By placing the sound nozzle close to the eardrum, the placement design can effectively reduce the transmission loss of high-frequency pipes. Even at 16kHz, there is still a high sound pressure level performance, which makes FW5 have better performance. High-frequency resolution and extremely high-frequency airy performance make the sound more delicate聲音的更為細膩。

8. HiFi TWS new trend ~ supports LHDC/aptX Adaptive and other high-definition Bluetooth formats at the same time

FiiO is committed to leading the new trend of HiFi. The new FW5 keeps up with the pulse of fashion. Not only does it support Snapdragon Sound technology, as a master of HiFi TWS, it also supports LHDC/aptX Adaptive and other high-definition bluetooth formats to send and receive high-quality audio data. A major dimension upgrade has been achieved on the Internet, which has greatly improved the compatibility and breadth of playback devices大幅度的提高。

9. Independent volume control ~ only for better sound quality

The circuit part of FW5 adopts the design concept of decoding amp. It has an independent volume adjustment function. The 32-level volume can be further subdivided to obtain a more accurate range. When using it, the volume of the mobile phone’s transmitter is fully adjusted to the appropriate volume through FW5 to make Bluetooth complete. Transmission frequency audio dynamics for better sound quality performance,獲得更好的音質表現。

10. Fine-tuning curve ~ excellent frequency response within a millimetre

As the first TWS earphone independently developed by FiiO, we did not do a lot of functional design like other brands, especially the function of ANC automatic noise reduction that affects the sound quality performance, but focused on the sound experience and developed a full-link closed-loop HiFi system for TWS earphones It is not difficult to call out an excellent frequency response curve through DSP, but we did not do so. Instead, we basically rely on the quality of the unit itself to tune out the frequency response curve, which objectively reduces speaker distortion and retains the unique timbre of special diaphragm materials. Respect the origin of music特有的音色,尊重音樂本原。

11. Easy to use and zero false touch ~ 4 physical buttons

In terms of user experience, users based on the UTWS Bluetooth earhook series actually feedback that physical buttons can greatly improve the convenience of operation. FW5 further takes advantage of the physical buttons. Compared with the traditional one-sided button, FW5 is equipped with 2 physical buttons on each side. It is more direct to adjust the volume, play pause and other functions. In addition, the direction of the buttons is perpendicular to the wearing angle to subtly resolve the finger pressing force during operation, which is more practical and more usable.指按壓力,實用更好用!

Press the volume-/answer the call Press and hold for about 1s to go to the previous song/Reject the call/Hang up the call Press and hold for about 8s to reset the earphone復位

Secondary button of the left earphone Main button of the left earphone

Press once to pause music/resume playback/answer calls Press voice assistant twice Press and hold for about 1s to reject incoming calls/hang up calls Press and hold for about 2s to power on Press and hold for about 5s to shut down5s:關機

Press the volume +/answer the call Press and hold for about 1s to play next song/Reject the call/Hang up the call Press and hold for about 8s to reset the earphone Right earphone sub-button副按鍵

Right earphone main button

Press once to pause music/resume playback/answer calls Press twice for voice assistant Press and hold for about 1s to reject incoming calls/hang up calls Press and hold for about 2s to turn on and hold for about 5s to turn off5s:關機

12. Fun life is more calm ~ IPX4 level waterproof防水

FW5 supports IPX4 level waterproof. A 0.02mm ultra-thin waterproof film is attached between the button cantilever and the shell, which can effectively prevent the splashing of life-grade liquids and ensure the touch feedback of the buttons. The microphone hole is equipped with a dust-proof net and a custom-made waterproof and sound-permeable mesh is attached to further prevent liquid splashing and ensure the smooth transmission of sound, so that you can calmly face the challenges of life and enjoy wireless HiFi all the time.時無刻盡享無線HiFi。

13. Stable transmission ~ FPC antenna embedded in the cover

FW5 carries many high-end configurations in one body. The transmission link of the signal is very important. The structural engineer skillfully takes advantage of the advantages of the large surface cover of FW5 to attach the FPC antenna to the inside of the surface cover to ensure efficient performance conversion and greatly improve the actual coverage of the signal. At the same time In order to balance the appearance texture and antenna performance, the cover adopts a complex laser etching + insulation vacuum plating combination process to achieve a delicate and real metal texture膩且真實的金屬質感。

14. Full of peace of mind ~ 21 hours + comprehensive battery life航

In the case of integrating the DAC chip, high-end Bluetooth chip and professional acoustic structure, the long-term battery life of FW5 can easily meet daily use. The built-in 65mAh large-capacity battery of the earphone can last up to 7 hours in a single use. The built-in 380mAh charging box can meet the total battery life. 21+ hours21小時以上。

15. The switch is the box~ The linkage design of the switch box設計

After opening the FW5 headphone box, the earphones will turn on immediately and support the automatic reconnection function. When the earphones are put into the box, the FW5 will automatically shut down to save power and make power management more reasonable.現開盒聯動功能。

16. Simple and clear ~ LED independent indicator light

Both the battery box and earphones of FW5 are equipped with independent indicator lights. The function and status indication is clear and clear. Among them, the 4 indicator lights in the battery box can indicate the battery power and charging status, and can indicate the status of the earphones in the warehouse. Not only that, each earphone has a white indicator. The light can clearly indicate the status of the pairing connection of the headset對,連接等狀態。

17. Enjoy communication ~ dual microphone cVc call noise reduction

The left and right earphones of FW5 adopt the design of main and secondary microphones, and the cVc echo cancellation and noise reduction technology can obtain clearer voice calls during voice calls and make communication more intimate更親近。

18. Various flavors are in place ~ Standard FiiO HS18 earphone cover套

FW5 is equipped with FiiO HS18 headphone covers as standard. The thickness of the umbrella edge is only 0.4mm. It is comfortable to wear. The large-size opening design reduces the resonance peak generated by the transmission pipe and reduces the sound glitch. Experience the authentic HiFi sound in all directions.HiFi之聲

19. Abundant accessories

1 pair of FW5 earphones, 1 pair of charging compartments, 1 balance set, large, medium and small, 1 set of HS18 earmuffs (large, medium and small), 1 set of cleaning brushes, 1 set of maintenance card, 1 quick start, 1 USB charging cable, 1 set×1本;USB充電線 × 1條

Basic Specifications:

Model FW5 hardware setting QCC5141+AK4332 acoustic structure one circle two iron moving iron Lou's RAD moving coil 10mm DLC dome + PU suspension edge diaphragm Bluetooth version 5.2 frequency response range 20-20kHz sensitivity 106dB/mW@1kHz impedance 32 ohms 20% @1kHz charging time charging box about 1h40min battery life about 7h earphone + 14h charging box battery capacity earphone 65mAh charging box 380mAh audio decoding SBC/AAC/aptx/aptx Adaptive/LHDC single ear weight about 6.4g overall weight about 57.2g headphone size About 28.422.922.6mm The size of the charging box is about 68.443.932.3mm.9×22.6mm 充電盒尺寸:約68.4×43.9×32.3mm