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FiiO FDX 純鈹振膜動圈單元耳機

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🔥Flagship Circle ~ New "Pure Beryllium" Diaphragm Dynamic Headphones FD7/FDX Define Flagship New Height‼
🔥Noble Craft FiiO FDX ~ 14th Anniversary Edition (1000 pieces worldwide)】
💥FiiO FDX Pure Beryllium Diaphragm Dynamic Unit Headphones -- HK$6888
1. Pure beryllium diaphragm moving coil unit
2. High-purity gold-silver-copper mixed wire
3. 24K gold plating process
4. Front acoustic prism device
5. Semi-open back cavity acoustic body
6. Exclusive Zunya Wooden Gift Box
7. In-line twist-lock interchangeable audio plug
8. 60 artificial imitation diamonds inlaid
9. Limited edition unique number
24K gold-plated process -- golden light flows and shadows fall生
Pure Beryllium Diaphragm Moving Coil Unit -- Endows FDX with high-speed transient response
60 artificial imitation diamonds -- Cupid cutting craftsmanship is extraordinary凡
High-purity gold-silver-copper mixed wire -- FDX exclusive high-purity gold-silver-copper mixed wire
14th Anniversary Collection -- The world's only serial number exclusive nameplate牌
Exclusive Zunya Wooden Gift Box -- Adhering to the craftsmanship to create exquisite wooden box body
1. Golden Light 24K Gold Plating Process藝
FDX uses 24K gold-plating technology on the surface of the fuselage.,至雅盡顯。
2. New flagship pure beryllium diaphragm moving coil unit元
FiiO's new flagship headphone unit, the pure beryllium diaphragm moving coil unit will give FDX high-speed transient response.之勢,澎湃而來。
3. Cupid cut 60 imitation diamonds inlaid嵌
The left and right headphone panels of FDX are made of 60 artificial diamonds inlaid with Cupid cutting process, and the golden panel is the bottom of the world.曠世超凡。
4. FDX exclusive high-purity gold-silver-copper mixed wire線
FDX exclusive high-purity gold-silver-copper mixed wire The wire body is made of gold-silver-copper mixed braided 20 pieces of each element, 4 strands up to 240 wires hardening phenomenon下變硬現象。
5. Zhuoer extraordinary 14th anniversary commemorative collection藏
Thousands of sails have done their best to build the 14th anniversary flagship commemorative collection FDX condenses fine craftsmanship and ingenious quality to perfectly integrate cutting-edge technology and elegant design. Global limited supply of 1,000 pieces. Each piece will be given a unique serial number將賦予唯一序號。
*The actual serial number is 0001-10XX skipped 413144444410044、1004
1000 global limited supply
6. Every detail is a chapter章
FDX comes standard with MMCX expansion headphone connector and adopts gold-plated stainless steel elbow design to optimize the comfort of human ear wearingsic字樣。
*The patent of the interchangeable audio plug is authorized by FABRILOUS
*Standard 2.5/3.5/4.4mm replaceable audio connector
7. Exclusive Zunya Wooden Gift Box
FDX exclusive exclusive wooden gift box with ingenious craftsmanship to create exquisite wooden box body身。
8. Hi-Res Certification
FDX is Hi-Res certified Listen to rich music details and deliver flagship sound音質。
9. Accessories plus code
Balance Set*3 Pairs (SML) Low Frequency Sets*3 Pairs (SML) Vocal Sets*3 Pairs (SML) Sponge Sets*2 Pairs SpinFit Earmuffs*3 Pairs (SML) Three Section Sets*2 Pairs (SL) Cleaning Brush*1 Storage Box*1MMCX Quick Release Auxiliary*1 Manual*1 Interchangeable Voice Mouth*3 Pairs of Magnetic Clamps*1 4-strand 240-core Gold-Silver-Copper Mixed Wire*1 2.5/3.5/4.4mm Interchangeable Audio Plug* 1 set.4mm可換音訊插頭*1套
10. Specifications
Wearing method: around the ear and in the ear
Frequency Response Range: 10Hz~40kHz
Unit Type: Pure Beryllium Diaphragm Moving Coil
Speaker Impedance: 50Ω@1kHz
Headphone Sensitivity: 111dB@1mW
Maximum power: 100mW
Wire type: High-purity gold-silver-copper mixed wire
Cable length: about 120cm
Single weight: about 11g