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【Interchangeable Head + Interchangeable Cable + Interchangeable Sound Conduit = Unlimited Sound】

FiiO FD5 Flagship In-Ear Dynamic Headphones

Diamond-like dome-coated beryllium diaphragm Front cavity acoustic prism device訊插頭

Once ~ Collectible Industrial Design Production

Two ~ high specification diaphragm material selection

Three ~ groundbreaking acoustic design applications

1. 12mm outer magnetic circuit flagship moving coil unit -- N52 magnet 1.5 Tesla high magnetic flux

2. DLC-type diamond dome-coated beryllium diaphragm -- excellent dynamic performance with low distortion

3. Front cavity acoustic prism device -- smaller phase difference and more accurate imaging

4. Post-cavity standing wave structure -- enhancing the low-frequency diffusion of the back cavity to reduce standing waves

5. Semi-open acoustic cavity -- balanced and pleasant to listen to for a long time without getting tired

6. In-line interchangeable plugs -- stainless steel material has a stronger sense of unity

7. Interchangeable sound tube design -- comfortable to wear with excellent sound quality

8. Collectible Industrial Design -- Art Panel Exquisite Craftsmanship ================

1. Newly developed the flagship dynamic 12mm large-diameter full-frequency dynamic unit to create a flagship earphone FiiO has never spared no effort to develop the newly developed 12mm full-frequency large dynamic unit with a new N52 high-flux external magnetic structure to make the magnetic flux reach 1.5 Tesla provides strong power for low frequency to improve high frequency resolution 12mm unit diameter / 1.5 Tesla magnetic flux / N52 high magnetic signalN52高磁號

2. How the beryllium-plated suspension edge + DLC-type diamond dome make the single moving coil earphone a stunning work? We have done a lot of research and practice in the selection of the unit in order to reduce the split vibration and combine the DLC-type diamond beryllium two types The material with both rigid and flexible properties makes full use of the physical properties of DLC-like diamond and beryllium-plated materials to achieve a balance in terms of sound conduction speed and internal damping. Improve the sound efficiency of the high-frequency band, effectively reduce the split vibration of the diaphragm and high-frequency harmonics Distortion FD5 diaphragm is made of DLC material with stronger rigidity. The diaphragm follows the vibration of the voice coil in time to produce smaller deformation and restores its own tone. Ordinary diaphragm material with weak rigidity produces water-like ripples and vibrations away from the voice coil. The vibration time is late and the material is irregular and violent Deformation produces distortion料不規則 劇烈形變,產生失真

3. The same technology in professional audio is applied to the front cavity acoustic prism device. In order to solve the time delay phenomenon caused by different sound wave propagation paths, an acoustic prism device specially designed for earphones is added. On the well-known HI-END audio products, a circular or conical device is installed at the front end of the diaphragm dome structure close to the dome, which can enhance the high frequency diffusion and phase adjustment functions, effectively change the propagation path of sound waves, and achieve accurate sound waves. Control to improve high frequency dispersion Adjust ultra-high frequency phase characteristics to eliminate high frequency standing waves to enhance sound dispersion除高頻駐波,增強聲音擴散。

4. Reverse anti-standing wave structure The semi-open back cavity acoustic cavity applies reverse design thinking, makes full use of the principle of standing wave formation, and adds a volcanic pile structure to the back cavity to enhance the low frequency diffusion of the back cavity, reduce standing waves and reduce distortion, so that The sound is quieter and cleaner. The rear cavity also adopts a semi-open design, which can quickly relieve pressure, relieve the pressure on the ear canal, and achieve the effect of lasting listening.的效果。

5. It is closer to the tuning that most people prefer. Compared with the combined headphone unit, the sound point of the single-coil headphone is at the same position. The vocal positioning is more accurate. The selection of the flagship moving coil unit The precise acoustic structure design makes the sound performance of the FD5 more in line with the majority. People's preference, the sound is loose, natural and transparent, the sound field is larger and the sound range is wider場更大、音域更廣。

6. Mountains, rivers and waterfalls are composed of successive curved surfaces. The design concept of full-curvature surface design of mountains, rivers and waterfalls is fixed. The concept of surface design runs through the third-generation family industrial design of FiiO. All surfaces are presenting ingenious artistic acoustics心的“藝術聲學”。

7. The 3D embossed stainless steel fine-carved cover is cast with a body of steel, which is a collision between art and industry. The whole machine is made of surgical grade stainless steel. Under the silver mirror effect, the metal texture is more prominent, and the hand feels smooth, delicate and hard. The stainless steel material also reduces the harmonic resonance of the cavity and looks like an indestructible work of art術品。

8. The art of curve is also the technology of acoustics. From an acoustic point of view, the resonant reflection inside the classical cylindrical cavity structure without abrupt points in the curve will greatly reduce the resonant reflection in the transmission of sound waves, which will improve the restoring force to the details of the music and reproduce the natural timbre.然音色。

9. There is a big one and a small one. There is always a good fit for you to have a good sound. For this reason, the FD5 adopts a replaceable sound tube design with two sizes. The trumpet sound tube needs to be used with a customized three-section set to use deeper into the ear canal for better sound quality入耳道,音質更佳。

10. Interchangeable heads, interchangeable lines, unlimited sound, using a solid expansion MMCX interchangeable line design with eight high-purity single crystal copper silver-plated lines to truly restore the sound to add to the sound experience. In addition, a direct plug-in interchangeable audio plug design is provided Standard 2.5/3.5/4.4mm three plugs and one line to meet the listening needs of different devices設備的聽歌需求。

Material High purity single crystal copper silver plated Wire diameter single 0.08mm single pole 24AWG bus bar 18AWG number of cores single strand 19 pieces 8 strands hand braided total 152 cores structure Litz Type2 braided each independently insulated每一支獨立絕緣

2.5/3.5/4.4mm three plugs Expansion MMCX interchangeable cable interface *The patent of interchangeable audio plug is authorized by FABRILOUS

11. Hi-Res professional certification FD5 has passed Hi-Res certification to restore richer music details and present a more three-dimensional sound quality音質。

List of Practical Accessories Headphone Cable*1 Storage Box HB5*1 Replacement Plug*22.5/4.4) Low Frequency Cover*6S M L Balance Cover*6S M L Vocal Cover*6S M L Three Section Cover*4SL Sponge Cover*4Final MMCX ASSIST*1Cleaning Brush*1 Interchangeable sound conduit*1 Instruction manual*1*1、 可換聲導管*1、說明書 *1

The accessories upgrade experience is never behind. This time, even the accessories are prepared very thoughtfully. The standard new exquisite storage bag HB5 will protect your flagship headphones carefully. In order to facilitate plugging and unplugging, the MMCX clips are specially provided and considerate from assembly to wearing *MMCX ASSIST is from Japan Final Inc. .Cooperative authorization to provide.合作授權提供

Wearing method: around the ear and in the ear

Frequency Response Range: 10Hz~40kHz

Unit type: 12mm diamond-like / dome-top beryllium plated unit / N52 high performance magnet

Speaker Impedance: 32Ω@1kHz Headphone Sensitivity: 109dB@1mW Maximum Power: 100mW

Wire type: Imported high-purity single crystal copper silver-plated wire connection

Line length: about 120cm single

Weight: 11g