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FAudio Mezzo 7th Anniversary Limited Edition

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Introduction to Unit Structure -

Every time we develop a new pair of earphones, we hope that the product will have an acoustic structure that is in line with the development story and present some kind of driver that is not fully flooded or used in the market, so we also use hollow-body electric guitars. Looking for inspiration to use a sensing piezo unit to simulate the vibration effect caused by the resonance of the hollow body to enhance the compensation and restoration of the entire pair of headphones in various tones種音色補償還元。

Mezzo uses a medium-high frequency moving iron unit, a full-frequency moving iron unit and a 10mm double-layer diaphragm moving coil unit (Major Driver) to form the main sound output, plus a sensing Piezo unit to assist the full frequency range and In addition to the sound coherence that we are familiar with in the past, the sound enhancement and spatial restoration are also enhanced by the Piezo unit, which enhances the information volume and texture of the entire sound field. The sense of surround has also become richer.得更加豐富。

In addition, this time we also transplanted the moving coil unit used on the Major to the Mezzo. Through more precise physical adjustment and unit placement, it is responsible for the restoration of the most important low frequency quality, because this time the use method only needs to be responsible for a single frequency band. The brand new liberates another face of this unit. Its bass dive speed and texture have become very good and characteristic.出色且富有特點

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Own patented technology -

MEZZO has two patented technologies, True Crossover TechnologyT.C.T and Triple Built-in Acoustic ChamberT.B.A.C. The two technologies are not designed to superimpose performance, but to guide the true strength of the headphone sounding unit.聲學結構去蕪存青

True Crossover TechnologyT.C.T is an advanced and characteristic frequency crossover technology that compensates the transition point of the frequency band through a full-frequency moving iron unit, and obtains a smooth and complementary three-frequency transition on the basis of no phase distortion. This technology can completely Integrate the sound of the sound generating unit. Good sound coherence also keeps the unit in the most ideal working state, so that the final signal has a higher accuracy訊號擁有更高的準確度

T.B.A.C is a triple chamber specially designed for the moving coil unit, which can eliminate the instability of the frequency response of the traditional moving coil and the excess airflow generated during sound, and further enhance the conversion efficiency of the moving coil unit. Major's moving coil unit is structurally strengthened for the low-frequency reduction, so we tailor-made a new T.B.A.C acoustic solution for Mezzo to integrate it into the entire space structure in a better way. Maintain a smooth airflow supply even under high-intensity operation持暢通的氣流供應

Cavity 1.
Provide a steady stream of air to the unit to enhance the transmission efficiency of the mid-high range and make the layered performance of the double-layer diaphragm more distinct分明

Cavity 2.
The metal structure strengthens the rigidity of the whole unit, removes excessive resonance, and adjusts the air intake volume of the unit through the rear cavity air hole to achieve a powerful tuning effect的效果

Cavity 3.
Specially designed for placing 10mm moving coils. The front air holes made of high-precision 3D printing technology and metal coating effectively discharge excess air and reduce part of the excess sound pressure, providing a smooth channel for the moving coil to transmit sound waves and minimizing low frequency transmission. The sound pressure generated by the sound waves greatly increases the comfort of long listening sessions聽的舒適感

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Personal self-tuning settings -

Compared with other products of the same type, Mezzo's self-tuning design did come relatively late, but since we had this idea, we have set many goals for this development. One of them is to hope to switch the design of the multi-band pickup of the legendary electric guitar Stratocaster. It is integrated into this product and brings users the most obvious tuning style.的調音風格!

In addition, after studying the possibility of various tuning designs, we found that the conventional tuning circuit mechanism has the opportunity to affect the phase and frequency response curve of the final sound. Therefore, we conducted a long period of testing and parameter adjustment and tried various schemes to test its frequency response. The reaction finally achieves a more targeted tuning effect based on the actual sense of hearing. This is where we spend the most time in the development process.最多時間的地方。

Also because the crossover circuit is more complicated than any pair of earphones in the past, and by cooperating with the patented T.C.T and T.B.A.C two patented technologies for different adjustment modes, the full-frequency moving iron unit compensates the output of the specific frequency band to maintain the linearity of the entire frequency response curve. The fluency of the tri-band enables different tuning combinations to show good imaging and coherence像力與連貫性。

Mezzo provides frequency response compensation in three bands:

Tuning 1 Bass Gain Low Boost ) )
Tuning Mode 2 Mid Treble Gain Mid Boost ) )
Tuning 3 Super Treble Gain High Boost ) )

Below we provide listening suggestions for each tuning mode:

Tuning All Off - Natural HiFi ( Vocal ,Soft Pop )
Full Tuning - High Gain ( Rock, Metal, Animation)
1+2 mode ( Dance , Hiphop , EDM )
2+3 mode ( Pop, R&B , Soft Rock )
1+3 mode ( Classical, Gaming , Movie, Live )

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Housing Material and Appearance-

Mezzo's colorful shell has been noticed since its debut at the Japan exhibition. The shell surface is intertwined with fluorescent green and black. It is inspired by a certain iconic color combination. It also represents the day and night when we developed Mezzo. bitterness and effort辛酸與努力;

Engraved on the bottom of the case is the Limited Edition and each individual number. The top of the case is Mezzo's newly added personal tuning system. After our hand-finishing and polishing, it has an extremely smooth and eye-catching case, which is also our pursuit of high level. The embodiment of the details, so this time, we bring some more dazzling and more complex craftsmanship shell design to highlight the inspiration and creativity behind Mezzo This pair of headphones also can not rely on any machine assistance this time, only all hands Each pair is independently produced, so the production time of this craft is far beyond what you can imagine遠超各位能所想像的!

Like our other models, we pay great attention to the wearing feeling of the product, so after repeatedly modifying the appearance, we have successfully achieved a good balance in volume and weight distribution. The ear is close to the ear and also means that the sensing Piezo unit will have a better effect有更好的效果

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Wire introduction -

Mezzo comes standard with a new headphone upgrade cable called Tone Master Shield. The core of the Tone Master Shield adopts the golden ratio structure and is twisted with Japanese UPOCC single crystal copper silver-plated wires of various thicknesses and is twisted at the end of each core. The outer layer is equipped with sterling silver shielding mesh to enhance EMI resistance and the soft medical grade PVC outer skin makes the Tone Master Shield lighter and greatly reduces the chance of wire oxidation線材氧化的機會

In order to ensure the quality, each Tone Master Shield headphone cable is welded by professional technicians with top-grade fever solder to ensure that its sound quality meets the strict requirements of our products. In addition, the internal wiring of Mezzo is also strengthened and welded with the same solder to prevent the transmission bottle neck.,杜絕傳輸樽頸
The standard configuration of Tone Master Shield this time is 4.4mm balanced output terminal and wire core structure to achieve true five-pole shielding, which is convenient for many 4.4mm portable player users.更加一致

Wire Technical Specifications:

23 AWG wire size
German sterling silver material sterling silver shield design計
Japan UPOCC single crystal copper silver plated
Medical grade PVC sheath
fever grade solder
4.4mm five-pole shielded output
CNC machining accessories