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FAudio Daylight Headphone Upgrade Cable

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FAudio Daylight - The Seven Year Itch

In the blink of an eye, we are entering our seventh year. For a long time, we have also been holding a wait-and-see state for the upgrade wire market. After all, there are already countless upgrade wire products in the market, and because we have only been focusing on the development of earphone products, time does not allow us to develop a new product. wire.

Therefore, in order to make Daylight famous, we specially invited Erua Audio from Taiwan, which is very popular and sought after in today's upgrade cable market, to participate in the design and partial production of the cable, so as to give more appearance and sound characteristics. ! Over the past ten months, we have gone through numerous tuning and detail improvements and are now proud to present our first independently sold upgrade cable – FAudio Daylight

An important part of the development and testing process of Daylight is to take the longer of the two different materials and tones, and to eliminate the problem of frequency band depression due to the difference of signal flow speed. In terms of material selection, we selected pure silver wire cores produced in Germany and OCC copper wire cores produced in Japan, which are twisted through a golden ratio multi-stranded structure to solve the influence of skin effect and proximity effect on signal transmission. The transmission efficiency of the user is shortened. We matched different types of solders on the market, and finally relied on a very rare solder that is rarely used in audio products for soldering, blending a textured and loose tone.

We hope that this wire can be used with different types of dynamic and coil iron headphones, and moderately enhance the depth expression of the sound field. Therefore, in addition to the quality improvement brought by high-purity conductors, solder also enriches the sound extension and lines. Putting on the Daylight, the sound is more vivid and pleasing, especially in the processing of the mid and high frequencies. By trimming the burrs on the edge of the sound and adding a quieter background, there will be a feeling of clearing the clouds and the sound will be more transparent.

In terms of the sound field, the sound position is stretched to the left and right, the edge details are increased, and the powerful mid-bass attack is added, the envelopment and width of the entire scene are even better. The sound density has not been thinned because of this, but there is more room to show the changes in texture. Daylight is not a flavor-type cable. It appears to make the headset perform better. We also hope that this cable can integrate important elements such as comfort, improvement effect, and appearance. Therefore, we chose a softer outer skin plus Blue fiber mesh protection enhances the wearing feeling of Daylight and reduces the stethoscope effect.

In terms of appearance, we continue to use ERUA Audio's iconic titanium splitter and gold workpiece, and add Daylight's unique logo. The main reason for choosing the titanium alloy splitter is that the appropriate weight can keep the wire close to the ear and the body, and the wearing will be more stable.

Lastly, the Daylight may not fit the stereotype of today's market where a higher price is better, but at a relatively affordable price, it delivers a sound level and performance that far exceeds its value, and like all our products in the past, its quality will be Strictly monitored by FAudio and ERUA Audio.

Hope Daylight can accompany you like sunshine in your busy life.