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ERUA Audio TAWA Headphone Upgrade Cable

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<< ERUA Audio - Officially Introduced >>
ERUA Audio (ERUA), founded in 2020, is a sub-brand of AURE in Taiwan. It also emphasizes the superior handicraft and quality brands from Taiwan. It mainly deals in audio cables. It produces conductors with different wire materials and Litz structure, plus soldering to adjust the sound.合調整聲音。
The word ERUA comes from a forest located in the North Island of New Zealand, which is rich in natural resources and ecological environment. ERUA Audio's cables are named after the species of trees in the forest to represent the natural abundance and vitality of music.豐饒和活力。
🌠Reinforced Litz structure結構
ERUA Audio's wires are designed with Litz structure. This structure will coat the surface of each conductor with insulating material and wrap it layer by layer to form a braidable core. There are eight types of Litz structure in total. The larger the number, the more complex the conductor. The more Type 4 Type 4 and Type 6 Type 6 cores used by ERUA Audio, the extra shock-absorbing fiber cores are added to the center of each twisted core to allow more room for the core to expand when energized enhance its work efficiency更大空間膨脹,加強其工作效率。
The Litz structure can effectively reduce the skin effect of the wire core, the Skin Effect and the Proximity Effect, so that the current can be evenly distributed inside and outside the conductor while reducing the electric field interference of the same core conductor. Signal transmission is purer擾,訊號傳遞更純淨。
🌠Pursuing excellence with customized raw materials越
In the process of development and tuning, ERUA has repeatedly tried different solder combinations and wire designs, but could not find the sound quality that meets the requirements. The test works over 100 meters were reimbursed. In the end, ERUA decided to customize its own solder and wire sheaths to pursue A more unique tone音色走向。
1) Customized gold and silver solder
Solder plays a very important role in the entire tuning process. It determines the final performance of the finished product. The components in it include a variety of precious metal components. Different proportions of components will affect the fullness of the tone, the frequency band ratio, the sound field type, etc. The solder finally selected by ERUA customizes the component proportion and A small amount of gold is added to achieve a tone that is more suitable for the core線芯的音色走向。
2) Customized SoftFlex skin
Soft and glossy feeling is the main characteristic of SoftFlex material, high material density, effective prevention of wire oxidation, small auscultation effect診效應較小。
🌠Hong Kong first product
Hong Kong is an important development area for many portable audio brands. For this reason, ERUA chose the star products in the series as the first release, hoping that the public can deepen their impression of the quality of ERUA的印象。
1) Brand flagship model TAWAA
TAWA is the flagship upgrade cable in the ERUA series. The same core is made of silver-gold-plated conductors and silver-palladium-plated conductors with Type 6 structure. As a substrate but properly plated with other materials or as an alloy, it can bring a more unique sound performance特的音色表現。
The performance of TAWA belongs to the type of stable atmosphere. Thanks to the combination of palladium and gold, the transition and extension of the mid-bass is relatively natural. The obvious place is also the texture performance that the flagship wire should have該擁有的質感表現。
The delicacy of micro details is what differentiates TAWA from other flagship cables. It can fully resonate a guitar's sound cavity and express the sharp and sharp inversion of the strings. Sensational tuning is astonishingly mature熟得令人驚艷。
🌠Metalworking titanium is different不同
The most eye-catching part of ERUA wire is that the center part of the splitter cooperates with ERUA's forest-themed concept. From the plug and pin to the shape of the splitter, the material of the splitter is made of lightweight titanium. Reference tree trunks The shape is cut out of the surface by CNC process and brushed. The words Erua Audio / Made in Taiwan are marked before and after forming. The lathe and brushed processing are excellent to highlight the excellence of Taiwan's hand-made.出色,突顯台灣手工製作的優秀。
The lower plug is made of plated aluminum alloy shell and refined brass gold-plated terminals. The middle layer is covered with a shell cut from ebony wood. The upper pin is also made of aluminum alloy shell and marked with ERUA's iconic logo leaf design. The language is completed in one go, while taking into account the durability and beauty of the wire耐用度及美感。
ERUA Audio TAWA MSRP is HK$9️⃣8️⃣8️⃣8️⃣