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Erua Audio Candy II

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Brilliant Candy Erua Audio Candy III
After a year of improvement and the activation of the new type 4s structure, Candy II officially debuted式登場!
Sweet but not greasy is the best portrayal of Candy. With its unique tuning technique, the high timbre coordination and the great help to the sense of hearing make the wire show a special toxicity. Based on this, Erua’s unanimously recommended upgraded wire is based on the process details. Through the combination of solder and wire core structure, the Candy II is reborn from the inside out.換骨的Candy II。
Candy II uses copper-silver cores with higher purity than the first generation and is woven through the Litz type 4sspecial structure of the same level as Ultra shielding. The restoration of dynamic range, sound extension and other aspects have been significantly improved. In addition, the wire also uses the old solder of the Candy series, and the newly added Erua Audio custom-made gold and silver solder mixed tuning, which retains the unique charm of the old tin. The characteristic high-frequency rendering makes the second generation have a stronger sweetness染,使二代有著更強烈的「甜度」!
Wire Specification Information:
* High Purity Copper & Silver
* Litz type 4s structure
* Customized medical grade PVC coating
* Brand new custom accessories
* Customized gold and silver solder & old solder tuning
* Not available in eight-core version