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ERUA Audio Candy 8-wire Limited time only, 80 pieces!

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official debut‼️

Double the sweetness, double the enjoyment - ERUA Audio Candy 8-wiree🤩

Candy has a very smooth focus and a very soothing and loose hearing. It has been very popular with players since its launch, and today this wire will have a stronger sweetness - 8-wire version Candy is officially launchedy正式登場~

When we first listened to the Candy 8-wire sample we were already amazed at the sound quality of the Candy 8-wire. Although the supply of raw materials was still an issue, it did not prevent us from bringing this version to Da Ding.的決心!

Candy 8-wire with taste as its main selling point has the most popular mid-to-high frequency coloring of the Candy series. The musical instruments and vocals are slightly leaning forward but the knot is smooth. The music advances without losing the delicateness. The combination of ERUA re-configured the old solder for the 8-wire makes this The version maintains the timbre characteristics while strengthening the energy range of the three frequencies, so that the bass and mid-high frequencies have more space to express the changes in timbre, while the mid-frequency as the main axis has been comprehensively improved in texture and depth. The performance is more complete提升,深度表現得更加完滿。

After counting the available resources at the factory, we decided to launch Candy 8-wire in a one-to-one format.e,#limited time ,Quantity 80!😉

☘️Specification information
* High Purity Copper & Silver
* Golden ratio Litz type 2 structure
* Customized medical grade PVC coating
* Customized Gold and Silver Solder & Out of Print Old Solder

Erua Audio Candy Limited

(Standard optional configurations are 0.78 2-pin or MMCX and 3.5/2.5/4.4 plugs Other plug-in options are available for an additional fee費)

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