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ERUA Audio CANDY is a limited-edition cable that is as thin as the sound材😍
After the enthusiastic demand from AvShow, we realized that there are still a large number of customers who want to buy Candy, so after the exhibition, we and the manufacturer have been searching for one of the important parts of Candy in the market - the unique ancient solder老焊錫。
The unique feature of this solder is that the stock is almost bottomed out. Although it has a faint yellow tone, it can complement the length of Candy's wire core, and the listening experience is extremely comfortable and delicious. It is a special existence in the ERUA wire series.特別的存在!
And now we can finally make it back in the arena~ But because of the shortage of raw materials, Candy will only release a batch of raw materials each quarter, and this batch of raw materials can only make 80 pieces. I hope that friends who have not been able to come to the exhibition in person will have the opportunity to enter the mobile phone again. ~手機會~
As for those who haven't heard Candy, you can go out and try it out to see what Candy can bring to your headphones.采吧😍
Using high-purity pure copper and pure silver to mix Litz type 2 structure, the sound advantages of the two are combined to bring a clear and neutral tone. Compared with MIRO and TAWA, the cable body is softer and more convenient to carry.攜帶方便。
In terms of sound quality, the structure improves the conduction efficiency and the sound can be retracted and placed more quickly. More details are shown in the music space. The copper-silver mixed material narrows the conduction difference of high and low frequency signals, making the overall sound connection more smooth.接更加順暢。
In terms of timbre, ERUA has specially launched a special tuning and dyeing for Hong Kong users. The timbre and texture are thin, light and full of vitality. It is the feeling of enjoying outdoor activities in autumn.活動的感覺啊!