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Ego Audio Sake 耳機升級線

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-8 braided SPC OCC Copper (27.5 AWG)

If you're more into brighter sounding cables with shiny textures, Sake is a good one to look for. This one has the brightest signature among all five however still keeps a good balance with moist textures. This one suits well with warm, bass-heavy IEMs and will brighten up the upper-frequency details in a careful manner.

The all-white look on the cable gives a classic yet a very premium look to the IEM setup. Reminds me of Effect Audio Cleopatra that recently came up. I have said that Sake is the brightest sounding cable among the family, though Sake isn't just all into brightness. All Ego cables keep their boundaries and Sake is no exception. This change in brightness is brought in a natural, mild manner which would suit many IEM types and sound signatures.