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Ego Audio Cocktail Headphone Upgrade Cable

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Ego Audio Cocktail

-8 braided OCC Copper & SPC OCC Copper hybrid

Tequila for the crispy taste, Cocktail for the soothing sweetness. The copper cable and the SPC cable show a nice synergy and blend in well with the sound. Looking back at my previous experiences with OCC & SPC hybrid cables, they were generally able to achieve similar characteristics as the Cocktail but instead, making the overall thickness of the sound a bit thinner.

Though Cocktail manages to bring out the same characteristics without thinning out the sound ray and keeps a bold presentation. Could be because they were mostly 4 braided ones (Effect Audio Eros II, Satin Audio Kraken, etc.) but hey, Cocktail comes in as 8 braids as default and keeps the same price range with most 4 braid cables out there.