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DUNU EST112 The first moving coil, moving iron, electrostatic hybrid structure headphones

DUNU EST112 The first moving coil, moving iron, electrostatic hybrid structure headphones

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DUNU's first moving coil moving iron electrostatic hybrid structure earphone EST11212

EST112 adopts DUNU patented expansion type MMCX interface pin, which has higher reliability and longer service life than ordinary pins壽命。
The wire is a litz structure high-purity single crystal copper silver-plated wire to ensure sound signal transmission and is equipped with DUNU patented self-locking quick-change plug design. The package comes with a 3.5mm single-ended 2.5mm balanced 4.4mm balanced plug that is fully compatible with mainstream portable standards. ready to use標準,即插即用。

EST112 shell is aviation aluminum alloy five-axis CNC cutting cavity, light and strong stainless steel art panel, exquisite shiny shape curve, warm natural and delicate matte, conveying a wonderful touch美妙觸感。
The rear cavity adopts a semi-open design and is equipped with an upgraded version of the DUNU patented air booster circuit system A.C.I.S to increase the intake air volume and the powerful moving coil unit for better low-frequency dive and dynamic performance.現更為優異。

The EST112 moving coil unit adopts the third-generation self-developed double-sided beryllium-coated diaphragm moving coil unit. The diameter of the moving coil unit reaches 13.5mm. Compared with the previous generation, the response area of the diaphragm is increased by 9%. The magnetic flux density is increased by 20%. The weight of the diaphragm is reduced by 13%, lighter and larger. It is easier to push and burst the surging mid-low frequency energy湃中低頻能量。
The moving iron unit is customized for Knowles. The high-frequency independent moving iron unit is superior in performance. Injecting full high-frequency energy, the high-frequency quality is melodious and melodious.,悠揚入耳。
The electrostatic unit is two Sonion custom-made in-ear electrostatic units far exceeding the ultra-high frequency response of the moving iron unit and the moving coil unit.次觸手可及。

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