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defunc true gaming

Defunc TRUE GAMING simulation surround sound entertainment is the strongest強

Following TRUE GO, the Swedish headphone brand Defunc has expanded its True Wireless headphone product line this year and launched TRUE GAMING, which is specially designed for TV fans and fans, to meet a group of users who have high requirements for headphone performance的用家。


defunc true gaming

simulation360degree movie sound

Two-channel headphones have a natural effect of listening to music, but if you want to reproduce the surround sound in the movie, it may be insufficient. TRUE GAMING specially adds 360-degree simulated surround sound. Wearing headphones, you can feel the vast and deep sound field and the sense of surround. Strong sound from different directions Stereo and clear vocal dialogueess耳機可以比擬。

defunc true gaming

Very low signal delay

TRUE GAMING is specially designed for a class of PRO-level players. It uses a bluetooth chip with ultra-low signal delay to connect to mobile phones and watch movies. Like other True Wireless headphones The in-ear design of the earphones is more effective in blocking external interference. The volume can be adjusted by simply touching the touch button of the earphones.調節音量,非常就手。

defunc true gaming

Uninterrupted communication

Many real-time strategy games require close communication with teammates. Therefore, TRUE GAMING uses dual microphones for environmental noise reduction and re-adjusted the position of the microphones. The bottom of the stick-shaped body is closer to the user's face.刻保持聯繫。

defunc true gaming

Electricity is no longer a limit

The most important thing is to enjoy TRUE GAMING on a single charge. It can be used for 5 hours on a single charge, which is enough to play games on a computer for an afternoon. When using the Surround mode, the total playing time with the charging box can reach 30 hours. Instead of being limited by the power, you should give your eyes a break and don't hold the phone screen for too long.時間對住手機屏幕。

defunc true gaming

Have fun without fear of the environment

TRUE GAMING's IPX4 waterproof shell is suitable for use in different environments, it can be used with confidence when it is raining, and it can be used with confidence. Plus in-ear design, dual microphones, ambient noise reduction, touch button operation, listening to songs, calls and other daily uses can be easily handled都可以輕鬆應付。


TRUE GAMINGProduct Specifications

Unit 6mm moving coil unit元

Bluetooth version v5.00
Music playback 30 hours (Surround mode) 48 hours (Normal mode)e)
Communication range 10 meters米
Waterproof grade IPX44

Color black white green、綠色
Suggested retail price HKD 8999