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Comply™ For Apple AirPods Pro™ Ear Foams

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  • Body Heat-activated memory ear foam soft, comfortable and stable固
  • Fits the ear canal The ear cotton will automatically expand and fit the ear canal in response to the temperature in the ear canal and is not easy to fall off脫落
  • Easy to install All-in-one design out of the box用
  • Strong sound insulation, will not be affected by external noise響
  • Enhance low frequency to improve sound performance現
  • Wear naturally, suitable for long-term listening用
  • Can be placed in the charging box, don't worry about the box題
  • Equipped with dust-proof and dust-proof net, the earphone is more durable without accumulating dust and debris用
  • There are 3 pairs of ear pads of the same size in a pack of 3 pairs棉
  • Made in USA