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Cayin RU6 R2R Portable Decoding Ear Amplifier

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Cayin launched the brand's first portable decoding ear expansion RU6, which put 96 high-specification precision resistors into the R2R structure in a limited volume. It also added an array resistor volume control for the first time to meet the needs of many audiophiles.燒友所求!

Backed by strong technology and resources, Cayin is the first to provide a more surprising choice for friends who demand extreme portability and sound quality. After adding the most complex volume control circuit in the manufacturer's portable products, Cayin RU6 successfully enables R2R decoding to be placed in the In a slimmer body, the sound quality is still clear音質依舊鮮明!The natural naturalness and coherence of R2R and Cayin's famous control and adjustment of timbre make RU6 have an unusual musical sense of portable USB decoding ear expansion without affecting the flow of details. Assisting the restoration of different instruments and the change of timbre is the inherent advantage of R2RR2R的先天優勢!

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