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Cayin N8ii Flagship HD Music Player

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Cayin successfully brought tube technology to the portable level when it launched the first-generation N8, bringing a brand new sound experience to the flagship market. The longing for the alternation of old and new has become an important indicator of the development of Cayin portable products一個重要指標。

In the past four years, the strength of the N8 has been highly praised, and it has also gained the opinions of many customers and the longing for the new flagship. Therefore, the N8ii was born with the completion and improvement of many functions and hardware.良下誕生。

Most of the designs in the N8ii body are slowly developed by the manufacturer from scratch. The circuit design of the whole machine is very different from the previous generation, but it has also made a more evolved portable tube player.播放器。

Dual valve balanced circuit
With the 4.4mm balanced output of the N8ii, you can fully enjoy the quiet, warm and textured sound of the tube.表現了。

Summarizing the success of the previous generation, the valve design of the N8 has undoubtedly opened up more possibilities, and the subsequent C9 has confirmed the possibility of a balanced mode valve. Therefore, this structure has been further improved on the N8ii.一步改良。

Whether it is the traditional design or the new structure of the KORG 6P1 tube, the working modes are the same, and there are relatively high requirements for vibration and interference. Therefore, Cayin specially added the double-layer structure of the inner frame to provide independent space when designing the fuselage. The structure of placing and fixing two 6P1 tubes fused with anti-vibration materials completely eliminates the vibration and interference problems in portable use使用上的震動和干擾問題。

There is also an extra step in the assembly of the N8ii this time, tube pairing to achieve a more consistent sound performance in the balanced output mode. Because the working status of each tube will be slightly different, in order to take care of the overall music performance, each 6P1 must be tested. Manual pairing will only be installed on the N8ii8ii身上。 

On the circuit, Cayin designed a dedicated large-loop negative anti-spin circuit for the two tubes to reduce the even harmonics and fine-tune the parameters so that the N8ii can express the warm and mellow unique sound of the tube, and also has an excellent sense of speed and speed. Transparency has a good bonus for various genres, which undoubtedly better corresponds to the enthusiasts who are exposed to more and more genres廣泛的發燒友們。

First Portable Application of ROHM Decoder
The close cooperative relationship between Cayin and ROHM, a veteran semiconductor manufacturer in Japan, allows them to obtain sample products for the first time when ROHM launches a new DAC. Because of the fire of AKM, Cayin has to consider using other decoder solutions on the N8ii器方案。

Because of this, after more than four months of repeated comparison and adjustment of six engineering versions, the manufacturer finally used two ROHM's new flagship decoder BD34301EKV as the main axis of N8ii. After the actual test with excellent hardware indicators, Cayin also gave a very high evaluation to this DAC非常高的評價。

It is worth mentioning that Cayin has designed a special heat dissipation and shielding cover for the thermal and peripheral power supply modules and circuits of this current-mode decoder to keep the internal parts at a good working temperature and greatly reduce the impact of external electromagnetic interference on the final sound. influences音的影響。

Tailor-made output structure Fully discrete amplifier circuit路
N8ii provides a variety of sound settings to change the working mode of the amplifier circuit, the Class A/AB mode to enhance the rated output power, and the P+ mode to combine the sound settings brought by the two tubes. You can get several different sound combinations. These settings A large part of the premise comes from the four-way fully discrete amplifier circuit customized by Cayin for N8ii立式放大電路。

Cayin has become more and more proficient in the design of the fully discrete circuit structure, integrating the R&D experience of N6ii E01/ E02C9. The discrete amplifier circuit structure of N8ii is more compact. Because of the relationship of balanced output, it needs to be placed on the front and back sides of the circuit board. Of course, the advantages of the components are also very obvious. The fully discrete design means that the manufacturer can fine-tune the parameters of the components in the amplifier circuit according to their needs to obtain the best sense of hearing. Compared with the circuit that uses the operational amplifier Op-amp as signal amplification, it is more designed. flexibility on放大的電路更具設計上的彈性。

Especially for the many low-impedance earphone manufacturers on the market, the amplifier circuit of the N8ii has been strengthened to enhance the cooperation between the two.合度。

Before actually realizing the conversion of the working mode, it is necessary to ensure that each stage of the four-way amplifier circuit has a consistent gain. Therefore, before assembling each circuit board, the important parts on the amplifier circuit will be paired by hand. At the same time, Cayin also added four additional The adjusted resistors are compensated for the slight resistance value difference between discrete parts through finer parameter adjustment in the later stage. The layout of the entire amplification circuit of the current-voltage converter specially added for the ROHM decoder occupies the entire N8ii circuit board. one third路板的三份之一。
It is also mentioned here that the N8ii uses a 3.8V 10000mAH battery to improve the power supply structure of the body and meet the higher requirements of Class A mode for power supply quality. Of course, this aspect also includes strengthening the power supply of the decoder and discrete components to lay the foundation for this player. a very solid foundation穩健的基礎。
One button can change the bias current of the amplifier circuit, and realize the two different working modes of Class A and Class AB, which brings obvious sound changes. If you like to listen to feverish vocals and enjoy warm and smooth sound performance, then Class A mode is very suitable for you. Use Class AB mode if you require sound stability under large dynamicsass AB模式吧。

The unique P+ output power enhancement mode is to provide greater output power and better control by increasing the power supply voltage of the discrete circuit, which is like an adrenaline. It's okay to think that a little change is another tone choice.也並無不可呢。

However, because of the relationship between calorific value and power consumption, Class A mode and P+ mode cannot be used at the same time.的。

special fuselage construction
To realize the rich functions and hardware configuration of the N8ii, the body design cannot be as simple as it used to be.單。

The unique fuselage structure is composed of the inner frame and the outer casing. The picture is the actual appearance of the inner frame. The CNC process is used to cut out different sizes of intervals from the original block of magnesium alloy. The design focus is exactly in line with the N8ii components. Speciality There are two dedicated spaces for KORG 6P1 on the side of the rack. The shock absorber and shielding structure designed by Cayin is added. When installed on the rack, the larger contact surface can effectively transfer the working heat of the tube電子管的工作熱量。
The center of the fuselage is divided into two spaces, the front and the back. One side is used to install the circuit board and the screen, and the other side is to place the battery to physically separate the tube battery, the screen and the motherboard. The components have more space for work plus thermal paste and heat dissipation. The addition of fins to the structure completely solves the problem of heat accumulation and heat dissipation了積熱與散熱的問題。

This design also has another advantage because of the relationship between the physical separation and the shielding cover. The N8ii can have very good grounding and anti-interference performance without using other metal shells. The weight is about 442g, and it can have a better-looking 5-inch OLED screen5寸OLED屏幕。

Both inside and outside see Cayin's multi-faceted consideration and integration of N8ii合。

3.5mm single-ended output:
Output power 138mW@32Ohmm
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise 0.032% (1kHz, 0.5v output))
Signal to noise ratio 113dbb
Frequency response 20hz40kHz (+-0.5db)b)
Dynamic range 109dBB
Output impedance 0.5Ohmm

4.4mm balanced output:
Output power 213mW@32Ohmm
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise 0.04% (1kHz, 0.5v output))
Signal to noise ratio 114dbb
Frequency response 20hz40kHz (+-0.5db)b)
Dynamic range 110dBB
Output impedance 1Ohmm

USB input supports PCM44.1 384kHz DSD64 /128 /256256