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Brise Audio STR7-Rh2+ Headphone Upgrade Cable

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Japanese craftsman spirit Brise Audio upgrades headphone cable 
Every part is meticulously crafted, there must be strict requirements in the tiniest of places, concentration, and pursuit of perfection. With this Japanese craftsmanship, Brise Audio enjoys a high reputation in the circle of Japanese headphone enthusiasts. Soundwave Audio has recently officially introduced Brise Audio's upgraded headphone cables, from the highest-end Yatono 8wire to the entry-level flex001SE, are all produced by the original Japanese factory. A large number of home-made materials and superb production skills have created various excellent products.
Rhodium Plated Platinum Plug Blessing - STR7-Rh2+
Brise Audio 2019's latest headphone cable, STR7-Rh2+, uses its self-developed"Spiral77 structure"cable. For mobile use, it uses 196 high-purity copper cores to make this 4 Twist the headphone cable and add Carbon Nano Tube material for tuning, which is most suitable for playing ACG, Pop and other dynamic music. The STR7-Rh2+ also uses rhodium-plated platinum plugs, which are highly regarded by audiophiles. Not only the source end, but also the middle plug of the MMCX plug on the headphone end and the two-pole contacts of the 2-pin CM plug are treated with rhodium-plated platinum, which is very fever!
- Plug selection (headphone end):MMCX, 2-pin CM
- Plug selection (source end):2.5mm TRRS, 3.5mm TRS, 4.4mm Pentaconn