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Bose TV Speaker

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Items that come with the product packaging

  • Bose TV Speaker
  • Remote control with pre-installed batteries
  • fiber optic cable
  • power cable
  • Fast Installation guide

size and weight

  • speaker:H 5.6 cm x W 59.4 cm x D 10.2 cm 2 kg克)
  • remote control:H 10.5 cm x W 4 cm x D 1.2 cm 31.7 g克)
  • power cable:1.5 meters
  • Fiber Optic Cable:1.5 meters


  • Matte coating on top層
  • Front metal grill罩


  • Remote control 1 CR2032 lithium battery池


  • Bluetooth range up to 30 feet 9 meters 米)
  • Bluetooth version 4.22


  • HDMI ARC Audio Return Channel道)
  • Optical in
  • Auxiliary input (AUX in)
  • power line input
  • USB for service use only途)
  • Wired subwoofer available separately購)


  • Bose black


  • Remote control power TV signal source volume mute Bluetooth bass dialogue mode低音、對白模式

Bose FAQ

How the Bose TV sound differs from the Solo 5 TV sound system?

New Bose TV speakers improve on the best-selling Solo 5 system for brighter and clearer overall sound performance New HDMI-CEC connectivity system is more compatible with current audio/video equipment and your existing TV remotes Bose TV speakers are sleeker Lower profile design doesn't block the bottom edge of the TV擋電視底部邊緣。

Do Bose TV speakers have dialog enhancement??

It's Bose TV Audio that improves on the Dialogue Mode found in the best-selling Solo 5 system. Dialogue on TV and/or podcasts will be clearer. Dialogue Mode provides more powerful speech and articulation capabilities. The system analyzes what's playing before combining vocals with other audio elements. Detach and amplify In addition, Bose TV speakers allow dialog mode to be set permanently and automatically enabled each time the product is turned on啟產品時都能自動啟用。

Can Bose TV speakers be wall mounted??

Bose TV speakers can be used Bose Soundbar Wall Bracket sold separately Mounts to the wall This wall bracket also works with Bose Soundbar 500 and 700 home entertainment speakers樂揚聲器。

Which TVs are Bose TV speakers compatible with??

Bose TV speakers are designed to be compatible with most TVs on the market, simply connect via the optical audio output with the optical fiber cable or HDMI-ARC HDMI cable sold separately Most HDTVs are equipped with HDMI-CEC if you use this type of TV and connect to Bose TV stereo with HDMI cable to continue operation with current remote control前的遙控器繼續操作。

Are Bose TV Speakers Bluetooth Compatible??

Wirelessly enjoy your favorite music and podcasts with a streaming-enabled, Bluetooth-enabled portable device播客。

Can Bose TV speakers be used in multi-room groups with other Bose products?

Yes Bose TV speakers can sync one-to-one with any Bose smart speaker or soundbar speaker via Bose SimpleSync technology to play music This feature requires control from the smart speaker or Soundbar speaker in the Bose Music app Please note that you cannot connect headphones to your Bose TV Synchronized audio/video grouping on speakers/影片分組。

Compatible ProductsBose Home Speaker 500 Smart Speaker Smart Speaker 300Bose Portable Smart Speaker Bose Soundbar 700 Home Entertainment Speaker or Bose Soundbar 500 Home Entertainment Speaker樂揚聲器。

Does the Bose TV have a headphone output??

No. If you want to listen to the TV with headphones, you need to use the TV's headphone output. Most TVs have a headphone output.出接口。

Do Bose TV speakers have ADAPTiQ??


Do I need a remote to use my Bose TV speakers??

If your TV supports HDMI-CEC, you can use an HDMI cable (purchased separately) to connect the Bose TV stereo to the TV and continue to control the TV using your familiar remote control HDMI-CEC allows the Bose TV stereo to automatically start when you turn on the TV You can continue Use your existing remote to control volume on your Bose TV speakers電視音響的音量。

You can use the included remote if you use the included optical cable to connect your Bose TV speaker to your TV. You can also set up a third-party universal remote for control. See the universal remote control setup instructions and compatible Bose IR codes at the same time. You can also set the Soundbar to learn volume and mute commands through your existing remote. See the Bose support pagese 支援頁面查看 Control your Bose system with another remote for guidance。

But for music streaming you need to use the included remote to set the Bose TV stereo to bluetooth mode and connect to a bluetooth enabled device on first use. Once connected, you don't need to use the remote again. You can go to bluetooth settings and choose force connection once paired installation曾經配對的裝置。

You can easily force a previously paired device to the Bose TV by simply going to the Bluetooth settings menu in your device and selecting Bose TV Speaker. The TV Speaker automatically uses Bluetooth as the audio source for the speaker. This feature turns on Bose if the speaker is off. TV stereo and used device as source of bluetooth signal藍牙訊號的來源。

Can I adjust the bass level on my Bose TV speakers?

Yes you can adjust the bass level on the remote平。

Can I connect a subwoofer to a Bose TV speaker?

Yes, you can connect a Bose Bass Module 500 or Bose Bass Module 700 wireless subwoofer to a Bose TV speaker via a cable You will need a Bose subwoofer cable or a standard 3.5mm cable sold separately行購買)。

Can I connect satellite surround speakers to my Bose TV speakers?


Is there an app for Bose TV speakers??


Can a source device such as a cable set-top box phone/tablet gaming system connect directly to a Bose TV speaker?視音響嗎?

Any device with HDMI-ARC optical or analog audio output can be connected to Bose TV speakers but we strongly recommend that customers only connect TV speakers to TV output to ensure that the sound is in sync with the image同步一致。