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Audirect Beam 3 Pro Portable Decoding Ear Amplifier

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Audirect has always introduced different types of decoding headphones, and recently a new product has been launched. It's the Beam 3 Pro. The volume is thin and the thrust is large enough to push over-ear headphones! The manufacturer has specially issued a reminder that earphones under 16ohm must be turned on at a low gain, and try starting from the lowest volume. If there is a chance, the earphones will explode!

Decoding chip:ES9281 AC PRO
Headphone output:3.5mm SE
Output power:L Gain (427mVrms), M Gain (1.65Vrms), H Gain (2.88Vrms)
Maximum Power:115mW (16 ohms), 150mW (32 ohms), 13mW (600 ohms)
Sampling rate:32bit/768kHz
Support DSD specification:DSD512