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Audirect Atom Mini mobile phone decoding adapter cable

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【Real Value for Money】Audirect, which specializes in portable decoding ear extensions, has a new product! The new Atom Mini is equipped with ES9280ac Pro decoding chip, and the decoding ability reaches 32bit 768kHz/DSD512! Early bird price is only $228 (original price $288)
If you think that this is not a good match for my sister, then you have to look at it and bury it.
At any time after purchase, regardless of whether it is good or bad, whether it has been maintained or not, you can use Atom Mini to deduct $230 to redeem other Audirect products
The deductible price is too early bird price, so is it good value for money?
If you don't use Bluetooth to listen to music on your mobile phone, you must now use an adapter cable. Bluetooth often needs to be charged, and wireless transmission will lose sound quality to some extent. If you want to be light and convenient and have better sound quality, you can try Audirect's latest product - Atom Mini, which is equipped with ES9280ac Pro decoding chip, which provides you with 32bit 768kHz/DSD512 decoding capability, and weighs only 8g, which is extremely lightweight. In order to encourage users to upgrade in the future, the manufacturer also promotes the promotion of value for money. Users can use the Audirect Atom Mini to upgrade other Audirect products in the future, which can be used as $230.
ES9280ac Pro decoding chip, decoding capability up to 32bit 768kHz/DSD512
No need to charge and download software, just plug and play.
The weight is only 8g, extremely light
Available in Lightning/Type-C version