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Aroma Thunder Dry Loop Iron Hybrid Driver In-Ear Headphones

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「Thunder dry乾」
I believe that all of you may have some negative emotions recently due to the news of the epidemic and war. We believe that maintaining a positive attitude will eventually pass.會過去。
AROMA is developed based on the sound characteristics of moving coil and moving iron, which reflects our confidence in developing coil iron headphones for many years.信。
The interior is composed of 10 moving iron units and 1 AROMA customized low frequency unit. The pure copper snares are used to produce a loud and shocking effect like a speaker. The Thunder stem has 2 tuning styles. You can switch to Harmony mode by adjusting the switch of the headphone shell up and down. or Focus Condensation Modeocus | 凝聚模式」。
「Harmony Harmony Mode Vocals express strong emotions and have a strong appeal. The mid-frequency has a good rhythm and dynamic cohesion. The high-frequency is clear and transparent and has a strong sense of extension.透延伸感強。
「The Focus Condensation mode has a good low-frequency dive and a sense of volume, which conveys the strong sense of shock that the music wants to express. The ultimate purpose is to make the sound a thunderous feeling.霆萬鈞的感覺。
10 units, 1 moving coil, 5 frequency division
Headphone unit distribution 1 dynamic low frequency 4 medium low frequency 4 medium high frequency 2 ultra high frequency頻
4 catheters 3d printing production
Impedance 17Ω@1Khzz
Sensitivity 108db SPL@1mWW
Sound insulation 26dB
Frequency Response 10-22kHzz
Price HK$ 19,8000