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Acoustune HS2000MX MKII

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👉New red/gun color color scheme, noble style, the first batch is only produced in a very small amount 👉 Breaking through the limit of the dynamic coil again, first equipped with a new ACT05 cavity, made of OFC oxygen-free copper, bringing fineness, purity, Acoustune signature style Tone 👉 ACT05 uses a new generation of Myrinx Composite unit, with new tuning for internal wiring, made of medical and polymer materials, and more with Japanese beryllium domes to create more pin-point details, super natural overtones, and analytical power with a microscope 👉Innovation Acoustune Capsule Technology (ACT) replaceable cavity design allows users to replace the cavity by themselves👉 The ACT design made of CNC aluminum metal and stainless steel anodized aluminum alloy strengthens the suppression of the negative impact of resonance on the sound👉 Replaced with a 16-core silver-plated OFC cable and a very small OFC cable mixed structure, which is more in line with the color of the body, creating a complete feeling Made in Japan