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Acoustune HS1697 TI In-Ear Headphones (Showcase)

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The pinnacle of the ACOUSTUNE HS1697TI double metal enclosure峰

In each generation of Acoustune earphones, we can see that Japanese craftsmen insist on their own characteristics in the basic design, and then make subtle changes and improvements. After the limited production of HS1695TI last year, Acoustune relaunched the highest in the series. The HS1697TI shell of the HS1697TI has been changed from the eye-catching gold of the previous work to the low-key and durable Two Tone Gunmetal color, and the internal design of the titanium metal cabinet has been re-adjusted. The sound is completely different from the previous generation.色與上一代截然不同。

feature of product
Re-carved inside and outside the box
The HS1697TI is an updated version of the HS1695TI. The main design is roughly the same. It continues the classic double-layer metal case design. The unit and the wiring socket are installed in two separate boxes to reduce the impact of resonance. HS1697TI uses pure aluminum to make the case. The pipes are all made of titanium, and the interior has been redesigned with the newly developed 10mm Myrinx Composite moving coil unit. Metal components are added to improve the hardness of the diaphragm and exert a higher analytical power.度,發揮出更高分析力

Recognize the taste of titanium again
The new machine's mastery of the mid-frequency is absolutely perfect. The expression of the vocals is faithful, silky, very meticulous, and fully retains the emotion. The performance of male and female voices is unique. In addition, the piano's crystal clear guitar plucks the dynamics of the strings are exciting low-frequency Although Sven has sufficient output, who said that titanium metal cabinet headphones can only dominate in the middle and high frequencies耳機只能在中高頻佔優

New cables focus on balance
The HS1697TI still uses the Pentaconn Ear plug. This plug for high-end in-ear headphones is more stable and durable than the MMCX. The plug and the socket are in closer contact with the socket. Chance of damage to the plug壞插頭的機會
The wire that follows the machine isAcoustunelatestARC51This headphone cable is made of silver plated銀OFCcopper andOFCmade of copper8core wire inA good balance between sound performance and portability Black cable body身the design oflikeYesBrand new for todayTwo Tone GunmetalShell tailor-madesimilar

10mm Myrinx Composite moving coil unit

Frequency response
10Hz 25kHzz


24 Ohms

ARC51 headphone cable 4/9 pairs of AET ear glue aluminum protective box portable box headphone cable clip耳機線夾