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ACOUSTUNE HS1657CU Brass In-Ear Headphones

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redesigned cabinet

The HS1657CU is an updated version of the HS1655CU. The main design is roughly the same. It continues the classic double-layer metal case design. The unit and the cable change socket are installed in two separate boxes to reduce the impact of resonance. The HS1657CU is made of pure aluminum. The pipes are all made of brass The interior has been redesigned for a more direct sound transmission令聲音傳遞更直接。


Rich sound with added detail

The 4th generation Myrinx 10mm moving coil unit is used, and the low-frequency power is endless. It has a deep low-frequency output, and the analysis power of the mid-frequency is more improved. While retaining the warm and full characteristics of the brass cabinet, the sound orientation of the headphones is slightly adjusted. The balance is more durable than the previous generation上一代更為耐聽。


Use Pentaconn Ear plug

The HS1657CU still uses the Pentaconn Ear plug. This plug is designed for high-end in-ear headphones. Compared with MMCX, the plug is more stable and durable. The plug and the socket are in closer contact with the socket. Chance of damage to the plug壞插頭的機會。


Configure the luxury headphone cable

The cable with the phone is the latest ARC51 headphone cable produced by Acoustune. This 8-core cable is made of silver-plated OFC copper and OFC copper. It achieves a good balance between sound quality performance and portability. The black cable body and the matte black HS1657CU are better it's a match made in heaven之合。


10mm 4th generation Myrinx moving coil unit

Frequency response

10Hz 25kHzz




24 Ohms


ARC51 headphone cable 4/9 pairs of AET ear glue aluminum protective box portable box headphone cable clip耳機線夾