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Acoustune HS2000 MX ACT05 Interchangeable chamber

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The shell of the ACT05 is made of original OFC oxygen-free copper and then CNC-made, which not only has good hardness, but also has a density that helps low-frequency reflection and extension. The cavity is equipped with the 2nd generation 10mm Myrinx Composite moving coil unit of the same type as ACT01 and ACT02, just like the tradition of Acoustune, the diaphragm is made of medical-grade polymer biomaterials, and Japanese-made beryllium is used in the upper position of the sound-emitting dome Film, a material originally used in high-end speaker tweeters, has very strong impact resistance and high temperature resistance, which greatly enhances the extension of high frequencies, and can handle even continuous large dynamics with ease, improving the response speed and control, bringing smooth, dense and dynamic linear performance.

feature of product
sound orientation
Presuppose rich bass.

OFC Oxygen-free copper

2nd generation 10mm Japanese beryllium film dome Myrinx Composite moving coil unit