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64 Audio U6t Premium In-Ear Headphones

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— First batch offer —
Now every purchase of 64 Audio U6t can get a Erua Audio headphone upgrade cable (valued at HKD3,999)
Quantities are limited, while stocks last
Please note:The included upgrade cable will be replenished to customers who purchased or ordered U6t in a later time.

The core products of 6, 8, 12, and 18 units have always been the proud core of 64 Audio, and with the launch of NIO, a new type of mid-level male model product has also become necessary. The last-generation 6-unit model is the U6 five years ago. In the past few years, the factory has continued to introduce new materials and production processes, and added a number of unique technologies based on professional users and audiophiles. The internal structure and appearance of each new generation of headphones have been sublimated to another level; therefore, , In the case of the increasingly fierce market competition in recent years, with years of experience, 64 Audio still has room to develop products and break through existing technologies in this torrent, bringing surprises to the market again. The newly launched U6t is based on the factory's most popular customized model A6t, combined with the compact body and patented technology of the U series products, to provide you with more choices! U6t inherits the key-opening factor of the high-end monitor model U12t, and applies unique technologies such as tia™, APEX™, and LID™ that are oriented to the professional audio market and audiophile users, turning the purest sound into pleasant notes. The U6t uses a new internal structure design to accommodate the smaller body of the U series. The factory uses a set of 3D printed acoustic structures to integrate the six units and tia's dedicated reflective acoustic chamber. The positions of all units are digitally calculated to transmit the sound to the ear in the shortest way and compensate the time phase difference of each sound frequency band. This acoustic chamber design from U12t to U18s integrates the APEX structure, so that the air can be directly connected with the entire acoustic structure. The moving iron unit can also make full use of this extra air to transmit sound more efficiently and bring sound Deep and varied tonal expression. In terms of technology, the U6t is equipped with 64 Audio's LID linear impedance design. The sound of the headphones can maintain the same frequency band direction under different front-end impedances. Users can fine-tune the tone of the U6t in a more intuitive way without affecting the original curve. The frequency ratio is much easier to play; and for more and more portable users who require sound quality to be the first, it is really convenient to use a mobile phone and a portable ear expansion to play most of the performance of the U6t. In terms of appearance, the U6t adopts a black design theme. The aluminum alloy cavity is made of a new carbon gray matte process, which is sandblasted and anodized. The finished product has an extremely fine texture. The smooth carbon gray appearance is matched with a three-dimensional low-key classic pure black panel. , the whole pair of headphones exudes a stylish industrial style. What is even more heartening is that 64 Audio has specially equipped the U6t with a special ultra-low impedance upgrade cable"Black Premium cable", which perfectly complements the pure black appearance. It also uses 7 groups of 7 cores and multiple twisted copper plating. The silver wire core achieves an ultra-low impedance of 0.23Ohm, which makes the signal transmission more rapid and stable. The package also comes with an all-black 64 Audio custom leather box, which contains a wealth of SpinFit and TrueFidelity ear gels, and comes with three APEX modules, m20, m15 and mX, making it easier for you to match what you want!