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64 Audio Duo 入耳式耳機

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由即日起購買64 Audio DUO耳機,即可獲贈套裝專屬升級線,由 ERUA Audio 主理人監修的 TAWA Special特調版 4.4mm 一條(價值$9,888)

64 Audio 最新型號 Duo 是雙驅動器混合設計。 Duo 採用完整的 Tia 系統、Apex Core、Wave Sync 和 LID,以全新的方式呈現 64 Audio 的標誌性平衡聲音。由全新專利技術APEX Core加持,完美解決了開放結構的隔音問題,同時為你帶來最為真實的場面感與空間感;強大的聲音能量充滿整個音場,讓你輕鬆擁有尤如身歷其境的聆聽體驗。


tia™ 全名為「Tubeless In-ear Audio」,又稱為無導管式入耳。tia™ 系統的整個結構上,主要由三大部份組成,包括開放式設計動鐵單元 tia™ driver、消除耳管諧振的tia™ single bore design 與可控制並提升單元表現的 tia™ acoustic chambers。

tia™ driver 的開放式設計原理上有如傳統喇叭設計一樣,並以 direct-radiating 方式無阻地直接傳輸聲音,減少了傳統密閉式的傳統動鐵設計所帶來不必要的振動與諧振,令聲音傳輸更直接將失真減到最低。而 tia™ single bore design 是讓大口徑的導管變成 tia™ driver 的音室,令 tia™ driver 更貼近耳道輸出更直接,同時可避免管內不必要的諧振與失真問題。

Apex Core is a deeper understanding of air movement within an earphone system. Duo’s faceplate features a striking perforated grill that leaves the shell of the IEM open to the outside atmosphere for a less obstructed airflow resulting in an effortless reproduction of music and minimal physical fatigue.

Due to the high crossover point between the two drivers, Wave Sync was developed to ensure coherence; another industry first. By using a type of “all-pass” filter, we’re able to introduce a crossover while correcting for time without having to change the physical distance between the drivers.

Driver Type/Count
2 Drivers - One dynamic driver and one balanced armature driver
Driver Configuration
1 tia high, 1 dynamic low
Frequency Response
20Hz – 20KHz
98dB/mW (98dB @ 1kHz @ 1mW (95mV)
Integrated 2-way passive crossover
-12dB internal apex technology