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1MORE ComfoBuds Mini Active Noise Cancelling Sleeping True Wireless Headphones

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1MORE The ComfoBuds series has always emphasized a comfortable user experience, but don't think that the small body must sacrifice sound quality and functions. The newly launched ComfoBuds Mini is proving to everyone that a mini body can have excellent performance, although each earphone only weighs 3.7g and is flat Designed but already has the most advanced ANC noise reduction DNN call noise reduction 7mm graphene unit Up to 24 hours of battery life Daily entertainment, business meetings, and even sleeping in bed、甚至睡在床上一樣啱用。

feature of product

40dB doubly-fed noise reduction

only 3.7g Heavy ComfoBuds Mini body like old sleep earphones機 ComfoBuds Z The same thin and light earphones are as light as not wearing, you can hardly feel their existence with the most advanced先進的 QuietMaxTMDoubly-fed active noise reduction technology combines the achievements of past noise reduction products, which can effectively eliminate noise噪達 40dB is the best balance between outstanding noise reduction and high-definition sound quality平衡。

Active plus physical two-pronged noise reduction effect has been obtained by a professional verification company司 SGS 「High-quality noise reduction certification has been recognized. With the 1MORE MUSIC APP, different noise reduction modes can be set, such as deep noise reduction that can block most noise.噪音的「深度降噪」、 Balanced sound and effect 「Comfortable noise reduction」 ,and for use in open environments 「Anti-wind noise」 mode plus that lets you hear what's going on outside的 「transparent」 The mode, whether it is cycling, running or walking, is not disturbed by the outside world, and can be switched at any time to obtain external information外界資訊。

Help you fall asleep easier

because the design team ComfoBuds Mini Designed as a mini flat body, it can be completely hidden in the ear when worn, even when wearing it while sleeping, it will not press the ear with 1MORE MUSIC APP用程式,選播 30 The first natural sound to listen to the natural sound to help you relax and fall asleep, the Bluetooth connection can be interrupted during playback, which provides a longer use time for mobile phones and reduces the opportunity for parents to contact Bluetooth. In addition, a special sleep detection function is used to use the in-camera能,利用機內 G-sensor Detecting that the user's head movement exceeds a certain range, the timer will be re-timed. When it is detected that the user has fallen asleep, the music will be stopped and the music will be stopped after 3並於3 Automatically shut down after minutes to enjoy a peaceful evening上。

7mm Dual Magnetic Circuit Graphitealkeneunit

In order to reduce the size of the fuselage in the past的 ComfoBuds Z Only one moving iron unit is used and this time次 ComfoBuds Mini Breakthrough adoption while maintaining a mini body用 7mm The dual magnetic circuit graphene unit has a bright and transparent three-frequency average sound and can deliver solid and powerful low-frequency enjoyment. Unrestricted thinning function but no reduction階型號下放,全新 DNN Deep neural network learning technology through過 AI The algorithm filters the environmental noise during the call, and strengthens the anti-wind noise design to reduce the unavoidable wind noise in the environment, thereby improving the call quality, breaking the public's inherent concept of Bluetooth headset call quality.概念。有了 ComfoBuds Mini no longer need to worry about easy calls in noisy environments話。

Personalized professional tuning technology

with many 1MORE same as earphones, ComfoBuds Mini by Grammy winner Luca Bignardi more than tuning與 Sonarworks Teams work together to embed more than過 70,000 Professional mixing technology used in a recording studio SoundID Smart Algorithm, a professional sound calibration technology, can set a personalized tone for you through interesting listening tests on the 1MORE MUSIC APP. Even users who are not familiar with acoustic theory can adjust the most personal style. most出最具個人風格,最 「listen」 timbre 

Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2 technology

Small and powerful ComfoBuds Mini with Bluetooth牙 5.2 After the technology, stable transmission can be achieved with lower power consumption. With the charging box, it can have up to長達 twenty four hours of battery life in use用 ANC Noise reduction function can also be used for up to 18 hours plus fast charge充 5 listen in minutes 1 After a short break, you can enjoy it again. The charging case also supports支援 Qi Wireless charging makes charging easier and faster捷。

Both motion and stillness

ComfoBuds Mini The mini flat body lets you use QuietMax while you sleepxTM Dual-feed active noise reduction technology helps you enjoy a moment of tranquility in the busy city. Besides static, it can also meet your active needs.耳機的 IPX5 The waterproof and sweat-proof body also allows you to use it with confidence and listen to moving music while exercising樂。


Bluetooth version

Bluetooth 5.22

Bluetooth protocol


audio format


Talk time and music playback

Headphones 6 Hours Noise Cancellation Off 5 Hours Noise Cancelling On(降噪開啟)

With charging box 24 hours noise reduction off 20 hours noise reduction on(降噪開啟)

charging time

70 minutes (earphones) 90 minutes (charging case))

Communication range

10 meters in open environment下)


42.3g Overall Weight 3.7g Single Headphone Weight 34.9g Charging Case Weight克(充電盒重量)

Headphone size

17 15 13 mmmm

Charging case size

56.5 50 24.5 mmmm