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British Toxic cables Silver Widow 22 V3 (SW22) Silver Widow

British Toxic cables Silver Widow 22 V3 (SW22) Silver Widow

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22AWG Type 6 OCC Cryo Silver Litz wire with 1+% Gold Content

conductor:OCCGold and silver alloy(Sterling silverLizWire+1%gold)

Wire diameter: 22 AWG

structure:Litz Type 6golden ratio structure

Approval color transparent明


U.K.Toxic cablesYesHead-fiThe most well-known and oldest wire is as early as在2011Since the beginning of the year, it has been almost700Page,Silver WidowYesToxicSince its inception, the most famous classic wire body conductor is gold and silver alloy金(Sterling silver+1%gold),The third generation is the highest grade by the golden ratioLitz type 6The structure is made of the top specification gold and silver alloy wire on the market. The special ultra-thin coating makes the wire body more flexible even if it is即使是22AWGIt can also ensure the convenience of going out,2 pinspins andmmcxThe conductors are all gold-plated antimony copper plus ultra-cooling treatment。

sense of hearing:

SW22 V3The background is very clean, like a transparent floor-to-ceiling window, the details are abnormal, the low frequency has elasticity, the high frequency extends, the high frequency is delicate, the mid frequency is sweet, the analytical power is good, the bottom sound of the silver wire is gold, the whole is warmer and not too bright, it has a sense of speed, and it tends to classical symphony and other necessary details Rock music is also suitable for the type of music樂類型,搖滾類音樂也合適,拜type 6The mid-to-high frequency lines given by the structure are clearer and charming, and the human voice is more emotional. It is a rare good line好線。

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