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SPEAR LABS ASL 4.5 Hybrid Listening Headphones

SPEAR LABS ASL 4.5 Hybrid Listening Headphones

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Classic ASG2.5 Heritage SPEAR LABS ASL4.5 Hybrid Listening Headphones機

If you know the name of Dale Lott, the famous headphone designer, or it means that you are a veteran player who pays attention to the development of headphones, whether he is in charge of the headphone department of the brand or founded his own brand, he has his masterpieces in different eras. The new SPEAR Labs ASL 4.5 mix launched today It is the new work that Dale transformed the concept of his signature ASG2.5 into the unit and technology developed by himself to continue its sound and performance, and also pushed the hybrid standard to a new peak.合式」的標準推至新高峰。


From the initial advocacy and implementation of the ring-iron hybrid design to the mature use of different technologies and materials, Dale has never lowered the hybrid type. At the beginning of the establishment of SPEAR LABS, different metals were used to make the shell and structure. At the same time, the moving coil moving iron and static Magnet unit develops Triton series with gorgeous and compact soundTriton 系列。


The legend continues

The new ASL 4.5 is a tribute to the legendary ASG2.5 in the hybrid headphone industry. It is based on SPEAR LABS's own Hybrid-Acoustically-Balanced Universal (HABU) technology, combined with the innovative SHOCKWAVE dynamic unit and the consistent tuning style through the present. The technology sublimates and reproduces the charming sound of ASG2.5魅力的聲音昇華再現。


HABU Universal Hybrid Balanced Acoustic Technology

The HABU technology flowing in ASL 4.5 is a universal hybrid balanced acoustic technology called Hybrid-Acoustically-Balanced Universal (HABU) developed by SPEAR Labs. Among them, the SHOCKWAVE system is the pinnacle of Dale. The core of the system is a special 14mm The new 1.1mm ultra-thin diaphragm of the moving coil unit is combined with N52 neodymium magnets to form a structure with a thickness of only 3mmmm 厚的結構。



better down potential

SHOCKWAVE definitely shows the fusion of technology and craftsmanship. The diaphragm is thinned, but the travel of the unit is extended. The rigidity of the diaphragm is enhanced at the same time, so that the low frequency has better lower potential. Because the new unit is thin, even with 4 BA moving iron units, an ergonomically compact body can be developed體工程學的緊湊機身。


No split design

The mid-frequency and high-frequency parts are respectively used by four sets of balanced moving iron units. The unit is specially designed to cooperate with the large moving coil to reduce any influence caused by the magnetic flux generated by the large moving coil. At the same time, ASL 4.5 adopts non-crossover without The crossover design simply reduces the influence of the crossover on the coherence of the sound through the specially designed frequency unit and natural crossover point to achieve the smoothest frequency band extension至最平滑的頻段伸延。


Non-yellowing crystalline resin

Years of experience in IEM design, development and production Dale is already well versed in 3D printing production technology. This time, ASL 4.5 uses a newly developed crystalline resin to make the shell, which is carefully hand-polished to create this SPEAR Labs unique formula Can greatly reduce any yellowing problems Ultimate clear perspective and also take into account the rigidity of the shell and acoustic performance剛性以及聲學表現。


Layered production of the fuselage

It is worth noting that although the shell of ASL 4.5 is different from the various metal materials of the Triton series, it uses a layered production technology. The color matching is the very popular Thunder Gray in the automotive industry. Before the coloring, the cover has been primed and polished by SPEAR Labs The logo is even more hand-painted and then irradiated with a proprietary Class VI UV shell to enhance crystal purity and protect the finish提升晶體純度及保護飾面。


Smooth and smooth extension

The open and spacious sound field is precisely positioned and the smooth and smooth extension performance can be found on the ASL 4.5, just like Dale's concept. Many people who have heard ASL 4.5 will agree that its sound orientation should maintain a good balance while maintaining a good balance. Appropriately show its aggressive side, even if you listen to it for a long time, it is not easy to get tired聆聽,聽覺亦不容易疲勞。



ASL 4.5 Product Highlights

  • 14mm moving coil + 4 moving irons
  • Hybrid-Acoustically-Balanced Universal (HABU) Universal Hybrid Balanced Acoustic Technology術
  • SHOCKWAVE custom large dynamic 14mm moving coil unit
  • 4 moving iron non-crossover non-crossover design
  • Copper silver plated headphone cable
  • Unique crystalline resin shell to effectively reduce yellowing黃
  • Ergonomic thin shell


SPEAR Labs ASL 4.5 Product Specifications

Frequency response 7Hz24kHzHz

SPL 108dB (1mW / 1kHz))

Impedance 30 ohm +/-2% @ 1kHzz

T.H.D. <0.05% (1 mW/1kHz))

Accessory Protection Box nFORM Ear Cotton Cleaning Brush Instruction Manual、使用手冊。

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