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rolling force

Rolling Force Zebra

Rolling Force Zebra

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Rolling Force is a sub-brand of Pico Audio and the main brand is different in product development. The sub-brand is mainly to develop popular portable audio products to benefit more players. In 2021, we will bring two first cables, Zebra and Blade. The wire also emphasizes the sound-first production concept, and then uses the latest mass production technology to create an upgraded wire with high sound quality, hoping to bring out infinite possibilities under limited conditions.發揮出無限可能性。

No distinction, voice first先

Zebra is a 4-stranded braided 6N oxygen-free copper silver-plated (Litz Sliver Plated 6N LCOFC) and Blade is a twisted-pair wire with coaxial double shielding layer using 7N single crystal copper gold plating + 5N sterling silver spindle with 6N oxygen free copper plating Silver Shielding Layer (Litz Gold Plated 7N OCC+ Litz 5N Pure Sliver for core & Litz Sliver Plated 6N LCOFC for shielding)g)。

Zebra will pay more attention to details and clarity improvement. It will surprise the performance of mid-priced and low-priced headphones, while Blade will focus on overall improvement and quietness. The mid-to-high-priced headphones can maintain the original characteristics and have substantial improvements. The other two The cables have been tested in many versions before finalizing that each has a suitable partner. Each type is treated according to the flagship specification cable, and the best effect can be achieved when feasible. It can be said that the price is only reflected in the cost of materials and structure, not because Price and sound have compromises or limitations.而聲音有妥協或限制.

No compromises or limitations on sound due to price。

Zebra and Blade both use Litz's technology and Litz Type4's twisted braided twisting method and add additional shock-absorbing fiber skins in the center and use American-made PVC materials to make the wire both in sound quality and user experience. achieve the best results佳效果。

Ultra-quiet coaxial double-shielded construction

Coaxial line - As the name suggests, it is composed of layers of insulating layers wrapped around the central conductor. The metal mesh layer is wrapped outside the insulating layer. Because the outer metal mesh and the central axis are on the same axis, it is called a coaxial line. From the anatomy of a coaxial line From the inside to the outside, it can be seen that the center wire is the insulating layer, the outer conductive layer (metal mesh), and the wire sheath. The coaxial cable is a composite composed of two conductors. The center wire of the coaxial cable is used to transmit signals. The metal shielding mesh is formed Two functions: One is as the common ground wire of the signal to provide a current loop for the signal; the other is as a shielding net for the signal to suppress the interference of electromagnetic noise to the signal蔽網,抑制電磁噪音對信號的干擾。

The interference of the wire is mainly divided into two parts: one is from the external magnetic field, and the other is from the magnetic field generated by itself when transmitting the changing signal. Due to the existence of the metal shielding mesh, the external magnetic field cannot pass through the shielding layer, and the internal magnetic field cannot pass through the shielding layer.穿過屏蔽層。

Benefiting from the advantages of the above structure, the high frequency performance of the coaxial structure is very excellent, and the Blade uses a more complex coaxial double shield structure. The external interference is taken away first to make the signal transmission more pure號傳遞更純淨。

Detailed specifications:


Core thickness 22.8 AWGG

Wire diameter 1.6mmm

Braiding method 4 twist braids織

Core Structure Black Silver Interleaved Litz - Type 44

Core material Litz Silver Plated 6N LCOFCC

The outer skin is made of American PVCVC

Warranty terms One year basic international warranty service務

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