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PENTACONN SLIDER Vibration Splitter

PENTACONN SLIDER Vibration Splitter

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Fusion of advanced sound damping concepts

Eliminating the fine vibrations and making the equipment perform better has always been an important issue in playing audio. In audio products, copper is recognized as one of the best materials for shock-absorbing effects. Many machine feet and machine pads are made of copper. , Pentaconn applies this fever concept to the headphone cable, and Pentaconn SLIDER is specially made of OFC oxygen-free copper, which has excellent shock-controlling effect, reduces the auscultation effect of the wire, and improves the sound quality. The surface is silver-plated. It can also prevent magnetic interference and implement the goal of improving sound quality.

Support all kinds of thick and thin wires

Pentaconn SLIDER is designed for use with common headphone cables. The clip-on design can be installed on the headphone cable as long as the screw is twisted. The diameter of the wire is 3.6mm, and the 4-core cable and even some 8-core cables can be used.

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