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KOJO TECHNOLOGY Crystal E Grounding Box

KOJO TECHNOLOGY Crystal E Grounding Box

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Delicately delineated sound profile KOJO Technology Crystal E Japanese Floor Box盒

Most audiophiles know the impact of grounding on the sound, so a good grounding of the equipment can often make the music background darker, quieter and more prominent. Therefore, many audiophiles will be equipped with ground boxes in their systems. Power experts from Aomori, Japan, KOJO Technology Guangcheng Seiko From semiconductor production to medical-grade power supply equipment and home audio power supply accessories have always maintained a very high level. The classic floor box Force barEP has been improved and redesigned to launch the latest Crystal E Japanese floor box to push the sound quality to a higher level地盒,將音質推上更高層次。Redesigned multilayer dissimilar metal construction

Force barEP internal structure (6-layer dissimilar metal structure design)


It is a classic product of KOJO Technology, Force barEP. The pallet with floor box function adopts multi-layer dissimilar metal structure, which has become a favorite of many Japanese audio players. The redesigned new Crystal E ground surface area has been greatly increased by 1.75 times, and the effect is naturally better than before. outstanding往更加出色。

Crystal E internal structure (new 8-layer dissimilar metal structure design)


The new design not only increases the surface area of each layer of metal plates, but also reserves a 0.5mm gap between the layers of metal plates. It is designed to be similar to the structure of the radiator Heat Sink, but the metal structure is more composed of the previous copper brass copper brass copper steel Upgrading from 6-layer design to Stainless Steel Brass Copper Brass Copper Brass Copper Brass' 8-layer design is the key to the tiny Crystal E's larger ground area than everrystal E 比以往擁有更大接地面積的關鍵。

In order to achieve the best effect, Crystal E gave up other functions of Force barEP and focused on the function of the floor box, and the shell material was also improved. In the past, Force barEP only used 2mm stainless steel top cover and 1.5mm aluminum bottom plate. It is strengthened when it comes to the Crystal series. The 2mm aluminum top cover and 2mm steel bottom plate have a low center of gravity design to make the body more stable and help improve the sound quality. It is packed with technology and attention in a simple case.是充滿著技術與用心。


Ground terminal for enhanced performance

The ground terminal of Crystal E uses M4-inch stainless steel screws to fix the Y-shaped plug. The ground wire can be firmly connected with a common Phillips screwdriver. There are two ground terminals on the body, not only for connecting audio equipment, but also for connecting in series. One more Crystal E to enhance the performance加強效果表現。


Follow-up dedicated ground wire

Crystal E comes with two 1.2-meter-long ground wires, RCA Y and Y Y, which allow you to connect audio equipment with analog input and output terminals, such as amplifiers at home, and the YY plug ground wire is used to connect to audio equipment without vacant RCA terminals. Case or equipment with GND terminal 端子的器材。


More refined musical performance

Compared with Force barEP, Crystal E has obvious improvements to the sound. In addition to eliminating signal noise, making the background darker and quieter, the vocals and instruments in the middle and low frequencies sound fuller and richer. The analysis power is significantly improved. The sound contour is more clean and neat. Whether it is a classical music that pursues a sense of grand space or a lively and vivid Jazz Rock Pop music style, it can be played more vividly曲風都能發揮得更淋漓盡致。


Optional audiophile-grade Clone series ground wire

Clone 1C


With the introduction of Crystal E, KOJO also brings two series of audiophile-grade ground wire options for users Clone1 High-quality audio ground wire with PC Triple-C conductor Gold-plated Y-shaped plug can improve sound quality and prevent oxidation of PET weave Cloth outer skin is not easy to wear, making the wire more durable材更加耐用。



The more advanced Clone 2 uses 99.9999% ultra-high-purity 6NCu copper wire as the main conductor, and is mixed with HiFC high-performance pure copper PCUHD high-purity oxygen-free copper and OFC high-purity oxygen-free copper. Cable products Both ground cables provide different plug combinations for purchase, which is convenient for connecting to various audio equipment, and even has a 3.5mm USB Type A LAN RJ45 plug to choose from, which is convenient for matching with the popular DAP network music players in recent years. 、 網絡音樂播放器。


Crystal E Product Highlights:

– The grounded surface area of the multi-layer dissimilar metal structure is greatly increased by 1.75 times compared to the previous倍

– A 0.5mm gap between the boards is designed to be similar to the structure of the radiator Heat Sink的構造

– Comes with two 1.2m long ground wires, RCA Y and Y Y地線

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