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Hidizs MS1 Galaxy in-ear headphones

Hidizs MS1 Galaxy in-ear headphones

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- High-efficiency dual magnetic circuit dynamic driver
- 10.2mm PU+PEEK composite diaphragm
- High-density German Makrolon resin shell
-Silver-plated oxygen-free copper wire
- 0.78mm 2-pin plug
- Ergonomic liquid silicone earplugs
- Ergonomic design, comfortable to wear for long periods of time
-Perfectly matches the target frequency response curve with H-2019
- 3.5mm gold-plated plug & durable metal housing and splitter
- High-resolution certification

MS1-Galaxy: Your primary gateway to high-resolution listening

The Hidizs MS1 has been the go-to choice for single dynamic headphones since the first generation was released. The launch of MS1-Rainbow seamlessly blends aesthetics and technology. Now, MS1 has launched its latest product, the Galaxy, which represents an attempt to bring Hi-Fi-grade materials and technology to a wider audience, making it a real value-for-money option.

Hidizs customized 10.2mm high-efficiency dual magnetic circuit dynamic driver

The PU+PEEK composite polymer diaphragm is recognized as the most stable and mature diaphragm solution in the driver manufacturing industry. It has the characteristics of good texture uniformity and light weight. The dual magnetic circuit structure increases the magnetic flux and has higher electroacoustic conversion efficiency. Improved high-frequency extension and better detail expression. In addition, it significantly reduces non-linear distortion, ensuring faithful reproduction of the finest audio details.

High-density German Makrolon resin shell

The headphone cavity is made of high-density German Makrolon resin to ensure excellent stability, skin-friendly comfort, non-irritation, and safety for long-term use. The injection molded design ensures durability and a premium look, giving a feeling of sophistication and quality.

Full frequency response, professional tuning

Hidizs MS1-Galaxy is tuned to the B&K HATS target frequency response curve and follows the H-2019 target frequency response curve guidelines. The tuning process was carried out by highly skilled acoustic engineers at Hidizs Acoustical Laboratories and involved extensive tuning and critical listening sessions. This fusion of science and psychoacoustics produces a perfectly balanced sound signature that delivers a superior listening experience. The MS1-Galaxy features an incredibly wide full-range frequency response, delivering outstanding audio performance across all ranges.

Accurate detail reproduction, ultra-low 0.05% non-linear distortion

After comprehensive testing by Hidizs Acoustic Laboratory, MS1-Galaxy's full-frequency domain nonlinear distortion is less than 0.05%. It provides exceptional stability and excellent tonal balance, ensuring accurate signal reproduction during the electro-acoustic conversion stage. Additionally, it excels at handling the subtlest nuances of super pianissimo sounds.

Multi-scene switching adaptation

By replacing the balance cable/upgrade cable or Bluetooth neckband/TWS ear hook, MS1-Galaxy can meet different usage needs. It delivers high-quality, refined high-end performance with powerful, punchy bass, clean, accurate mids, and rich, lively treble performance. High-resolution music makes you feel completely immersive no matter where you are.

Easy to drive, plug and play

MS1-Galaxy is designed with 32Ω impedance and can easily connect directly to your smartphone. It can be driven easily to provide satisfactory results. Its sensitivity is 108dB, showing higher sensitivity in the mid-low frequency range. This means you can pair it seamlessly with your smartphone without the need for an additional amplifier. The MS1-Galaxy is carefully tuned to deliver a balanced and natural sound presentation that complements a variety of music genres with its exceptional clarity and resolution.

Perfectly matched with any adapter DAC/music player/smart device

Featuring 108dB high sensitivity, Hidizs MS1-Galaxy pairs easily with mobile phones, adapter DACs and music players, providing optimal volume and fast response. Light audiophiles and music lovers will appreciate its versatility with small adapter DACs and smart devices, while serious HiFi enthusiasts can revel in the immersive experience when paired with a music player or powerful amplifier . Whether you're streaming music, gaming or just relaxing, enjoy superior audio quality and versatility.

In-ear headphones for everyone

The MS1-Galaxy is available in two cable options: a professional music cable and a cable with HD microphone and inline controls. Users can choose the one that suits their preferences. Both cables feature standard 3.5mm plugs made from gold-plated pure copper, while the plug housing and splitter are made from aluminum alloy for added durability.

From calls to gaming, the built-in HD microphone is ready. For music lovers and HiFi enthusiasts, the MS1-Galaxy brings a trend of balance and neutrality. The low-frequency performance is textured and grand, the high-frequency is bright and cheerful, and the mid-frequency is solid and solid. It is suitable for many different music styles, especially pop, metal, rock, etc.

Ergonomic design for long-lasting comfort

The external structure of the headphone cavity is carefully designed based on a large amount of earlobe data and ergonomic principles, providing a tight fit like a personalized customized mold. This design can effectively reduce external noise and ensure a soft, comfortable and stable fit, allowing you to wear headphones for a long time without feeling uncomfortable.

Hidizs liquid silicone earplugs

Hidizs Liquid Silicone Earplugs are made from highly permeable liquid silicone and are ergonomically designed to fit snugly into the ear canal. These techniques ensure unaffected bass and improved low-frequency performance without interfering with highs, thereby improving overall audio quality. They also enhance detail and soundstage.

An in-ear headphone that fits all ear shapes perfectly

Earplugs are available in three sizes: S/M/L, so there is always one that fits your ears. No more worrying about earbuds not fitting properly or investing time and effort after misplacing them. A precise fit and secure fit in the ear canal keep the MS1-Galaxy stable during strenuous activities.

High-end detachable silver-plated oxygen-free copper wire

Hidizs MS1-Galaxy features a standard 0.78mm detachable cable design with silver-plated oxygen-free copper wires. This material selection effectively reduces the oxidation of the cable, ensuring excellent sound field, transparency, separation and stable audio signal transmission. This cable greatly reduces signal distortion or loss during transmission, ensuring a pure and transparent sound experience.

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