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HANSOUND AUDIO UNAS headphone upgrade line

HANSOUND AUDIO UNAS headphone upgrade line

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UNAS is an upgrade line with quite a sense of stage. When it is connected to it, you will immediately find that the line sense of the product has improved. The stage depth has become deeper, the sound field has become wider, and the overall body sense has been improved a lot.升了不少。

UNAS product introduction

UNAS is the second product of the Pyramid series. It uses 6N high-purity OCC (single crystal copper) in the conductor design. The wire diameter of each core conductor is 25 AWG. In addition to making the product stronger, the durability of the strengthened conductor can also enhance the stability of signal transmission. During the product development period, dozens of different solder combinations were used. Finally, the three-dimensional alloy tin mixed with old tin was selected. UNAS highlights a combination of lines and dynamism條感及活力的組合。

Taking QDC Tiger headphones as an example, in terms of low frequency, the drum sound is more condensed and has texture. Some headphones with mid-frequency vocals have a very full sound, but with UNAS, the sound becomes fuller, more concentrated and more concentrated forward. The subtle changes in the singer's mouth shape are more clearly felt, and a little more rendering adds a little daigo flavor to the music. In the high frequency changes, the earphone itself brings an understatement style. The overall sound is very comfortable. After matching Unas, it is high. The frequency extension has become more natural and glossy. The amount of reverberation details has increased a little. It is worth a try for those who like to listen to popular songs, easy sketches and jazz.曲、輕鬆小品及爵士樂的人值得一試。

For the fully rhodium-plated version of UNAS (2-pin & 4.4 plug), there are different presentation methods, so that the mid-frequency expansion is flatter, so that the mid-high frequency can go more smoothly at the connection. It is also worth a try with the music fans who like the bass to be fast and not sloppy.得一試的搭配。

PyramidIntroduction to the Pyramid Structure介

Since the release of ZENVENOM to TORFA, Hansheng has continuously improved itself and listened to the opinions of the majority of audiophiles. For the pursuit of more advanced listening effects, we have accepted a lot of feedback from various parties and the experience of independently designed cable production. After several experiments and proofing, we finally got a new breakthrough in wearing and performance. We use the polymer insulating film to wrap the outer layer of the conductor as the outer layer of insulation coating, and abandon the environmentally friendly plastics commonly used in the market. The creation of an unprecedented new structure created the birth of the PYRAMID (pyramid) structureMID(金字塔)」結構的誕生。

The polymer insulating film used is a material with high insulation, high dielectric coefficient and high weather resistance, which ensures the durability of the product and eliminates the use of environmentally friendly materials such as PVCPE and other plastics due to long-term environmental factors. Features that can be expressed in the design of iso-phenomenal pyramid structures可表現的特色:

  1. The dielectric constant loss is very small, so that the conductor bandwidth is no longer limited by the limit of thermoplastic outer coating. It shows absolute advantages for very low and very high frequency sounds. It shows the feeling of deep low frequency and high frequency transparency.的感受。
  1. Excellent weather resistance Since the commonly used thermoplastic outer coating causes the wire to lose luster and elasticity due to long-term wear, the polymer insulating film has excellent weather resistance and is not easy to be hardened and aged due to sweat erosion. lead to wire breakage導致線材斷裂。
  1. Products with high insulation properties have higher insulation than general thermoplastic outer coverings without increasing the thickness of the outer covering, so that the dynamic sense of product space can be played in the best balance態發揮。

The main feature of the Pyramid pyramid structure is that it does not use plastics such as PVCPE to cover the insulation. The designed conductor structure is applied to the pyramid-covered structure to present a unique sound. The sound quality transmitted by the traditional structure is currently used by Hansheng. The sound performance of Fuli is the most unique最為獨特的。

UNAS (Hong Kong Special Edition) Detailed specifications:

The thermoplastic-free of Pyramid structuree

MaterialPure OCC copper Litzz

Outer Braided fabric of trilobal brightt

Wire diameter 25 AWGG

Line length 1.2 meters米


4 twists絞

MSRP $4,9988 (Standard configuration 2 Pin CM pin針 /MMCX pin & 4.4mm plug is also available in customized version including cable extension pin plug optional插頭可選)

Plug options HanSound 2.5mm balanced / 3.5mm Stereo /4.4mmbalancedd

Pin Options 2P IEM, MMCX, A2DC, QDC type, IPX, PentaconnEar, Fitearr

*The weight of the plug will vary slightly depending on the configuration化

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