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【New students, not only new voices】

FiiO FD3/ FD3 PRO ~ Interchangeable Sound Conduit 12mm Full Frequency Large Dynamic Coil

FiiO FD3 -- $999

3.5mm four-strand 120-core single crystal copper wire

Color: Black/Silver

FiiO FD3 PRO -- $1499

FD3 pro exclusive cable ~ 8 strands of 152-core single crystal copper silver-plated wire with 3 (2.5/3.5/4.4mm) interchangeable plugs

Colour: Black

DLC-type diamond diaphragm unit Front cavity acoustic prism device Semi-open acoustic rear cavity Interchangeable acoustic conduit design 2.5D blue-coated glass panel High-quality upgradeable cables升級線材

1. 12mm full frequency large moving coil ~ 1.5 Tesla high magnetic flux

2. DLC-like diamond diaphragm ~ effectively reduce diaphragm vibration and reduce audio distortion真

3. Semi-open acoustic cavity ~ quick pressure relief without getting tired after listening for a long time累

4. Front cavity acoustic prism device ~ effectively solve the sound propagation delay and eliminate high frequency standing waves波

5. FD3 wire ~ 3.5mm four-strand 120-core single crystal copper wire

FD3 pro exclusive cable ~ 8 strands of 152 core single crystal copper silver plated wire with 3 interchangeable plugs

6. Interchangeable sound tube design ~


1. 1.5T high magnetic flux - 12mm large size diaphragm

FD3 follows the core configuration of FiiO FD moving coil series, adopts a new 12mm flagship moving coil unit with large size external magnetic structure, releases a strong magnetic circuit of up to 1.5 Tesla, and uses Japanese large black ultra-fine copper-clad aluminum voice coil for surging power and extraordinary sound quality力,非凡音質。

2. Rigid and flexible - full-size DLC diamond-like diaphragm

FD3 benefits from FiiO's new dynamic design. The diaphragm unit is made of DLC-like diamond material, which effectively reduces the split vibration of the speaker diaphragm, reduces audio distortion, improves high-frequency extension and resolution, and is rigid and flexible.濟,纖毫畢現。

3. Precise Propagation - Flagship Precavity Acoustic Prism Device

After achieving remarkable results on the FD5, FiiO integrated the flagship technology front-cavity acoustic prism device as standard on the FD3, effectively solving the time delay caused by the acoustic wave propagation path in the cavity, adjusting the phase characteristics of the ultra-high frequency, improving the high frequency dispersion and eliminating the high frequency Standing Waves Increase Sound Diffusion Leapfrog Experience Starts Now越級體驗,現在開始。

4. Long listening without getting tired - semi-open acoustic back cavity

Based on FiiO's patented technology of balanced pressure relief in the front and rear chambers音來的更加輕鬆。

5. Arc Intersect - 2.5D blued glass panel

FD3 simple and elegant round appearance embedded with personalized celluloid panel covering 2.5D blue-plated glass panel glossy, transparent, pure and fresh based on all-aluminum-magnesium alloy main material, bringing you unprecedented lightness like a feather的如羽般輕盈。

6. The original intention of quality, never stop

FD3 inherits FiiO's ingenious craftsmanship. The main body is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. It is loyal to the original intention of high quality. The industrial production mode that combines five-axis CNC fine machining and full manual polishing technology is used. When the precision of machinery and the delicateness of handwork meet, unprecedented new heights of craftsmanship工藝新高度。

7. Diverse tastes - replaceable sound duct design The new generation of FD moving coil series flagship design's signature replaceable sound duct design has achieved good response on the FD5. This FD3 does not fall at all. The same standard replaceable sound duct design is in To achieve the same outer diameter of the sound pipe, FiiO designs different inner diameter sound pipes for replacement.聽,只為追求更高品質的你。

8. Pure arrives high quality wire材

In terms of cables, FD3 is FiiO's cutting-edge technology in all aspects. The headphone head adopts MMCX expansion cable interface, and the comfortable curved plug is designed to fit the cable body. 4 strands of high-purity single crystal copper material, a total of 120 cores are used for better vocal charm. Quality improvement is visible素質提升一耳可見。

*The patent of the interchangeable audio plug is authorized by FABRILOUS

9. One more layer - FD3 Pro exclusive cable

FD3 Pro exclusively enjoys high-purity single crystal copper silver-plated wire, 19 cores, 8 strands, a total of 152 cores, and the tail plug adopts FiiO's latest in-line twist-lock replaceable audio plug. It can be replaced by 2.5/3.5/4.4 according to its own player interface. The mm plug adopts the Litz Type2 structure and the convenient left blue and right red identification design makes every note so pure音符都如此純淨。

10. Hi-Res Gold Label Certification

FD3 has passed Hi-Res certification, surging and beautiful sound quality毫畢現。

11. Extensive list of accessories

Balance Set*3 Pairs (SML) Low Frequency Sets*3 Pairs (SML) Vocal Sets*3 Pairs (SML) Sponge Covers*2 Pairs Cleaning Brushes*1 Storage Box*1MMCX Quick Release Auxiliary*1 Manual*1 Replaceable Voice Mouth *1 pair of 3.5mm four-strand 120-core single crystal copper wire *FD3 comes standard with 8 strands of 152-core single crystal copper silver-plated wire and 3 interchangeable plugs *FD3Pro comes standardFD3Pro標配


Wearing method: around the ear and in the ear

Speaker Impedance: 32Ω@1kHz

Wire type: high quality wire

Frequency Response Range: 10Hz~40kHz

Headphone Sensitivity: 111dB@1mW

Cable length: about 120cm

Unit type: 12mm full frequency large dynamic coil

Maximum power: 100mW

Single weight: 7.0g

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